The Next Big Thing: I Love You, Guys

Last week I began something new for The Bear Cave called The Next Big Thing covering upcoming talent from the world of TV, Film, stand-up etc. The debut piece covered the fantastic Taylor Tomlinson.

This week we’re covering a short film as it involves the beginning of the journey for nearly everyone involved.

This week’s Next Big Thing is I Love You, Guys.

Image via I Love You, Guys Twitter

The short film follows Sky, one of the biggest emerging talents in the music industry, as she’s about to launch her (tricky) second album, Head In The Clouds following the major success of her self-titled debut.

Sky in the public eye is the embodiment of pop, but there are two sides of every coin dealing with mental health due to the pressures of fame and battles with past and future. However, with a huge show on the horizon, it’s make or break.

The first person highlighted is the film’s lead, Becky Bush (which is a cracking music star name already). This could be the performance that gets her notice to continue her career as watching her showreel you can see she the presences to draw the audience in.

Image via Michael Shelford

Becky reminds me of Sex Educations Emma Mckey, which means there’s some resemblance to one Margot Robbie (sorry no added pressure Becky).

Meanwhile, this will be the directorial debut of Billie Rogan.

This is a disclaimer, I’ve gotten to know Billie over the past couple of months when film reviewing. However, this has given me a first-person view of the passion Billie has for not only this project but for film overall.

It helps that she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and she’s a fantastic reviewer believing she’ll be a cracking writer-director double punch.

Finally, if the test shoots are to anything to go by, then we’re in for a treat with Bill’s style coming to this film.

There are more people to highlight like Cory Varney, who has brought a lot of his struggles with his mental health battles and taking inspiration from reading an interview with Paramore’s Hayley William (probably during the band’s promotion of After Laughter).

Then you have producer Jakob Barnes, a dude I have a lot of respect as he builds his production studio Jumpcut Studios and it’s clear to have an eye for talent, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw him produce a film that gets a BAFTA nom.

Image via I Love You, Guys Twitter

Same goes for Becky and Billie. This short film is the first step for a lot of people passionate about I Love You, Guys and I won’t be shocked if it’s a massive success in the short film festival competition circuit. Maybe a present at the London Film Festival 2020?

If you want to be a part of making this production gets made then check out their Kickstarter (link here –, support indie filmmaking and gain some awesome perks like owning the original music, get an official Sky tour tee and be an extra.

I’m super excited to see how production takes shape, and the final project turns out.

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