The Next Big Thing: Taylor Tomlinson

One of my favourite things when watching anything is seeing new talent burst onto my screen to get excited. From the rise of Florence Pugh, the consistently incredible Saoirse Ronan or witnessing Henry Golding lead his way to become the next James Bond.

So what I’d like to do on The Bear Cave is highlight these talents for you to watch and get excited too. These Next Big Things could come from short film, feature films, TV or stand up specials.

This leads me nicely to my debut inductee, Taylor Tomlinson.

Image via Allyson Riggs/Netflix

It was only by chance I saw Tomlinson’s special Quarter-Life Crisis (released on March 3) when scrolling on Netflix to find something to download to watch on the way home from a screening last week.

Honestly, it’s one of the best special’s on Netflix and is in my personal top three with the likes of Mo Gilligan and Iliza Shlesinger.

What makes it Quarter-Life Crisis fantastic is as someone who’s going through his twenties it hit a nerve, as I too am so sick of being in my twenties.

For the first time, I could finally connect to a comic whose whole set gave an authentic experience of what life is for those dealing with being 20.

I am certain if you watch this special, you too will find something to love. From talking about mental health, dating, comparing how we grew up to kids today and the main focus of the whole hour depicting being 20 as a shit show.

I am not ashamed to say I’ve seen this special about four times this week, twice in 24 hours.

What I think makes Taylor a great stand-up is the storytelling, and it’s this storytelling of Quarter-Life Crisis makes an excellent plot for a romantic comedy.

It’d be shocking if Netflix isn’t already thinking of making a film with Tomlinson as it could be the next step into the Hollywood room and follow a similar path as Amy Schumer with Trainwreck.

The thing that could ruin those ideas at the streaming service is this ABC multi-camera sitcom, but those plans could be dead as there’s need no update since this Deadline story back in October 2017.

Whatever happens, be it tv series or film, be part of witnessing one of best comedy newcomers. In these weird times, we need a laugh, and no one is bringing it better than Taylor Tomlinson.

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