The Rhythm Section – ★★★★✩

Certificate – 15
Directed By – Reed Morano
Starring – Blake Lively, Jude Law, Sterling K. Brown.
Running Time – 109 Minutes (1 Hour 49 Minutes)

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, The Rhythm Section is coming out, and we can witness the birth of an assassin.

There are three main reasons why I’ve been excited about this film. Firstly, it’s produced by Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson aka the James Bond producers (this is the third non-Bond film they’ve produced).

Add the fact it had an incredible talent like Morano behind the camera and Lively in front of it and finally the potential of a new franchise being born would be fantastic.

Going to the screening, I hoped it live up to the hype I built for myself.

Let’s see if it did.

What Is The Rhythm Section About?

Stephanie Patrick (Lively) seeks revenge on those who orchestrated a plane crash that killed her family.

Is It Any Good?

Bloody hell yes! This film is fantastic!

People have been questioning if Bond should become a woman (despite the fact Atomic Blonde proved we didn’t). Well, Broccoli has put her money where her mouth is and with Morano have birthed a new action hero and her name’s Patrick, Stephanie Patrick.

Image via Paramount Pictures

However, don’t expect your typical Bond movie because Morano makes this more of a thriller than a spy-action film and there are some more intense moments then even I was expecting.

It was refreshing and terrifying at times, especially the car chase scene. You’re feeling claustrophobic watching the action take place within the car, and it’s raised by the wonderful acting of Lively.

Speaking of Lively, this is a star, possibly career turning, performance as (while she’s shined in previous movies like A Simple Favour and The Shallows) she brings complexities to the role.

We see her grow throughout the whole film, starting as a broken woman with nothing to live for to someone with a purpose and skills.

Image via Paramount Pictures

This film has a lot of the same structure as Batman Begins where we saw Bruce Wayne become Batman. We watch as Patrick with no skills in killing people learning from her mistakes to the start of a deadly weapon.

Because of Lively’s Patrick inexperience, it makes the fight/action scenes feel more real than in any action I can remember. It believable that while she would walk out successful, it would only be by the skin of her teeth and she does deliver fear fantastically in these scenes.

However, by the end of this movie, it’s safe to say Ryan Reynolds better watch his back as there’s a new badass in the family household.

Meanwhile, Jude Law does a fantastic job in the supporting role which is sort of similar to the role as Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel.

Image via Paramount Pictures

Elsewhere, Morano does a cracking job in the director’s chair bringing her cinematography skills to the forefront and wouldn’t be surprised if she’s in the shortlist of Bond 26 directors.

The filmmaker intertwines present day and flashbacks seamlessly. It could be a real staple of the franchise as we learn more about Patrick as I believe there’s still a bigger backstory.

Steve Mazzaro adds to the tension with a great score, which is interestingly produced by the newly names No Time To Die composer, Hans Zimmer.

Finally, I want more from Lively as this character because there are more books. So go out and see it and we can have a new, awesome franchise.

Image via Paramount Pictures

Anything Bad About This Film?

These are two incredibly nip-picky things.

However, because it’s an origin movie, it might be slow for some people compared to the high flying action movies it’s being compared.

Also, I would’ve loved to seen more Sterling K Brown and just saw on IMDB that the excellent Daniel Mays was in this movie and is completely edited out, which is a shame but exciting to watch those deleted scenes though.


Not only did we witness the birth of an assassin, but we witness the birth of a new action star in Lively and a new franchise.

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