James Wan Bringing An Aquaman Animated Series To HBO Max

After becoming a billion-dollar success, Aquaman is coming to help Warner Bros in the streaming wars in the form of animated series.

Before the sequel begins production and we’re still two years away from the schedule release, James Wan will be executive produce a three-part series for WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service HBO Max.

Aquaman: King of Atlantis will follow Arthur Curry’s first day on the job as King of Atlantis and will have Mera and Vulko by his side as royal advisers.

Image via Warner Bros

The series will follow their everyday troubles between the surfaces dwellers and evil elders with the biggest issue will be keeping his half-brother Orm/ Ocean Master from overthrowing him and prove to his fellow Atlantians he is the right man for the trident.

Image via Warner Brps

Talking about the show, HBO Max’s original content boss, Sarah Aubrey, said it will be “an exciting addition” to the streaming service. Adding “This DC property is a fan-favourite, rich with well-known characters and dynamic storylines.”

This is a smart move from WB/DC because as Aubrey said it was a popular film and this idea to cover the early days of Curry’s reign as king before the sequel movie comes out.

As Aquaman could be king for at least four years by the 2022 release, the series won’t have much impact on the film but could have some nice easter eggs for fans who do watch, which why it’s great that Wan is involved.

Speaking of involvement, hopefully, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe and Patrick Wilson will come back to voice their roles.

Finally, I seriously hope Jay Oliva and/or Sam Liu are attached as showrunners as both men have directed some of the best DC Animated movies ever released.

Liu was involved in the Superman two-parter The Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen, the best use of the Suicide Squad – Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay to name just a few. Additionally, the filmmaker directed my favourite piece of DC animated content in the form of DC Showcase: Death.

If you have the chance to watch it please do it’s utterly beautiful storytelling and I hope it could be something HBO Max commissions as a series of shorts.

On the other hand, Oliva has worked on the art department for several DCEU movies as well as directing the best Batman animated film with The Dark Knight Returns two-parter and two cracking Justice League movies in Flashpoint and War.

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