Knives Out Is Getting A Sequel

This shouldn’t come to no surprise but the fantastic Knives Out is getting a sequel with both Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig returning.

The news was first broke by Showbiz411 but followed up by The Hollywood Reporter who spoke to Johnson telling them he was already developing the story centring on Craig’s Southern detective Benoit Blanc investigating a new case.

Image via Lionsgate

The great news is the filmmaker wants to get a move on and make the film next year so a 2021 release is seriously likely. More good news is Craig is also eager to return according to Johnson’s producing partner Ram Bergman.

“Daniel had so much fun doing it, and he wants to do more,” he said.

While Lionsgate hasn’t officially greenlit a sequel it shouldn’t be a shock anyone because of how much fun both Johnson and Craig had and then comes the money side as this was a massive financial success earning $247 million worldwide on a film that was made for $40 million.

Meanwhile, it’s also a critical success loved by film critics and peers receiving Golden Globe and early Oscar buzz.

All this success for a mid-budget original story for a murder mystery is a win for everyone. Audiences get something new to see on screen and studios can see that mid-budgeted films can make money, something I’m sure Universal, Sony and Warner Bros will be thinking about the next couple of years.

All this points towards Lionsgate starting a franchise and the next stage of Craig’s career post-James Bond with the studio’s chairman Joe Drake telling THR that he is eager to read a script.

Image via Lionsgate

The greenlight should be coming on in weeks and I wouldn’t be surprised if happens the day or couple of days either after Oscar nominations or the actual awards.

Just hurry up!!! I need a new metaphor similar to the doughnut speech!!

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