Power Rangers Rebooted Once More This Time At Paramount

At the end of last week, some major news for Power Rangers fans was reported as it seems as Paramount is looking for a new franchise to make them some money.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story and revealed The End of the F—ing World creator Jonathan Entwistle is in early talks to direct this new reboot (seemingly confirmed on his Twitter).

Jonathan Entwistle

This is a fantastic pick as Entwistle seems to know what makes teenagers tick and was wonderfully shown in TEOTFW having some great black comedy and I’m looking his new Netflix show I’m Not Okay With This.

So I’m looking forward to seeing what he can bring to this classic franchise.

The biggest issue is that it’s yet ANOTHER POWER RANGERS REBOOT! This comes two years after the previous new reboot at Lionsgate and I like the film. The 2017 Power Rangers is a fun, entertaining movie that instead of making it kid-friendly decided to give it a broody YA feel.

And it worked!! It was largely down to the core characters who were all unknowns at the time but were tipped for big things and it turns out they were!

Naomi Scott is the biggest star to come from it has gone on to star in the billion-dollar live-action Aladdin as Princess Jasmine and then this summer in Charlie’s Angels (another film I enjoyed despite the box office).

Elsewhere, Dacre Montgomery stars in Stranger Things, Ludi Lin moved onto the billion-dollar Aquaman, Black Mirror and is starring in Mortal Kombat.

RJ Cyler and Becky G were the two standouts from the 2017 movie. Cyler has appeared in several TV shows like Vice Principals, I’m Dying Up Here and Black Lightning. Finally, as for Becky G has focused on her music and recently hosted the MTV EMA’s.

Image via Lionsgate

The thing that balled up any chance of a sequel to the movie was money as the film only grossed $142 million worldwide and for a new franchise with unknown actors was a decent amount. What buried any chance is the studio had a budget of around $100 million and that was likely just the production.

I’d hate to know the full figure adding marketing. The studio lost money and that was there known fault as any sane person could’ve told them they didn’t need a $100 million. A budget of $50-80 million would’ve done the same job.

I understand Paramount want to do their own thing with the property now that they own it, but with how the cast is now and the story planned out they should’ve just continued the story of the 2017 movie and could’ve made money.

Paramount is now hoping to turn the franchise to its roots with the story set to involve time-travel, Back to the Future element bringing the kids back to the 1990s and they have to find a way to get back to the present.

Laurie Nunn

The only worry for me, apart from the fact this seems like a major cash-grab and the hope of having a new franchise, is the script is being written by Patrick Burleigh and has one feature film credit being Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway.

Honestly, if they wanted to get into who teenagers tick I would’ve brought on the creator of the successful Netflix teen-comedy Sex Education, Laurie Nunn.

As for the cast, I have no idea but I wouldn’t be too surprised if they tried to bring in His Dark Materials and Logan star Dafne Keen and Isabela Merced, who starred in the biggest surprise movie of 2019 – Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

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