David Ayer Set To Direct The Dirty Dozen Remake For Warner Bros

Suicide Squad and Bright director David Ayer is in talks with Warner Bros to bring a modern remake of the classic action war film The Dirty Dozen.

Deadline is reporting that Ayer is set to write and direct the movie and will be produced by Simon Kinberg.

It’s an interesting move by both WB and Ayer as the filmmaker’s previous film with the studio was Suicide Squad, which was described as the comic book version of The Dirty Dozen. It would’ve been an entertaining pitch meeting and we could finally see what Ayer had in mind for his version of the DC movie.

Image via Clay Enos/Warner Bros

The original 1967 war film, which has become an inspiration for plenty of action and war films, had an all-star cast including Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, Donald Sutherland amongst a large cast of others.

The flix was based on E.M. Nathanson novel and was inspired by a real group called the Filthy Thirteen. The film involved a top-secret mission to be completed before the Normandy Invasion, where a group of harden Army prisoners were trained for a suicide mission, staging an assault on a chateau in Brittany where a dozen of highly racked German generals were meeting.

The hope is to eliminate the leaders to help with the D-Day invasion and those who survived are offered pardons.

The US trade is stating the Training Day filmmaker will be adding his own voice to this men on a mission story by injecting a contemporary feel and bringing together a multi-cultural diverse cast.

This will be in Ayer’s wheelhouse and have great fun with looking back at his previous films and screenplays like the first The Fast and The Furious, End of Watch and his most acclaimed film, Fury.

Warner Bros are hoping this will be Ayer’s next project and is being fast-tracked for shooting to begin sometime in 2020.

It’ll be interesting if set during a past modern war like Afghanistan or Iraq wars or maybe they’ll create a new war set slightly in the future and play off that, but Ayer is a real-world sort of bloke so it’ll be the former.

If this moves ahead I look forward to seeing what sort of cast he bands together.

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