Talking Points From NXT: TakeOver – War Games & Survivor Series

Well what a weekend of wrestling as WWE hit Chicago with both War Games and Survivor Series.

War Games was a fantastic show as all NXT TakeOver’s and I think it was my favourite War Games PPV. Meanwhile, as always the way, WWE couldn’t match up and while Survivor Series had its moments it was disappointing, especially as I had high hopes for the show.

Here are some talking points as we leave the weekend and looking towards NXT TakeOver’s, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania in 2020.

Rhea Ripley Is The Future Of Women’s WWE Wrestling

This has been the week in the making for Ripley, she’s fought the face of the company in The Man Becky Lynch, beat Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair on Smackdown, went against all the odds (with Candice LeRae) to beat Team Baszler in War Games and left Survivor Series as winning captain of the women’s Survivor Series match.

It’s clear that for the next TakeOver in February the 23-year-old Aussie will fight Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s title.

However, I don’t think she needs to win it. Instead, it’d make more sense for her to go in and win the Royal Rumble and move her to either Raw or Smackdown and go for either title at Wrestlemania.

Image via WWE

On the other hand, it looks like WWE and Vince McMahon are going in a different direction.

Dakota Kai Turns Heel

I mean can you blame her?

After weeks of defeats, being overlooked for Ripley’s team at War Games and not having her “best friend” fight for her inclusion or having her back, only to be picked last minute! Anyone would be pissed.

Image via WWE

Now looking forward, it’s exciting to see how the Kiwi holds herself as a heel, because she’s a cracking babyface, and now as at least three feuds moving forward.

The first one should be Ripley and got that over with quickly so the Aussie can focus on Baszler.

Next, it’s Mia Yim and their final battle ends at TakeOver. You have Kai stating she was getting back the spot she originally deserved and Yim as the fact her biggest moment was taken from her.

Image via WWE

All this builds towards a major grudge feud with former best friend Tegan Nox and this should be on the level of Tommaso Ciampa/Johnny Gargano.

Should Kevin Owens Return To NXT?

If you look at the reaction of the fans and Owen’s reaction in the War Games match it clear that they love each other and I’d love to see him back in a heartbeat. So why the question mark.

Image via WWE

When you think about it logically, what would you have him do? The obvious answer would have you think it be against Adam Cole for the NXT Championship but the fact Cole and Ciampa nearly killed each other at War Games seems to be the beginning of their feud.

Meanwhile, I wouldn’t think bringing KO back for Rodrick Strong’s North American title would be fitting. Not that Strong/Owens match wouldn’t be fantastic, it’s just if you’re bringing Owens back if it’s for the main title.

Image via WWE

Another option is following Finn Balor’s route and start a feud the minute he’s back at Fail Sail and looking at the roster there’s only one man I can see and that’s Velveteen Dream.

Again a dream (no pun intended) match but would Triple H make Velveteen a heel knowing he’ll get a major pop. If not, then does Imperium attack him and we get a Walter/Owens feud?

Burying Walter & Major Push For Keith Lee

Walter is a wrestler that you’d thought Vince would love? A massive, foreign heel.

When the giant Austrian came out as part of Team NXT of the Men’s Survivor Series match he got the biggest reaction because the fans love Walter.

Image via WWE

Triple H and the folks at Progress have done a cracking job building him on NXT UK and whenever he’s on the main NXT show and if you asked anyone before the bell he would’ve been one of the final members of Team NXT to get eliminated.

So, of course, he was the first to get eliminated! This was a team that included Damian Priest. No offence to Priest but The Ring General is the brands UK champion and deserved better.

On the other hand, if Walter wasn’t going to get the love, Keith Lee 100% did.

Image via WWE

This match clearly shows Vince loves Lee because before NXT went onto USA the big man didn’t get a look in and now he’s the final member of the Black and Gold brand and in the ring with former WWE and Universal champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

Additionally, Lee pinned Rollins and singles battle against Reigns could be fun in the future.

Image via WWE

Dominick Mysterio Heel Turn Less Likely Than Ever

Ever since Rey Mysterio’s son became more of a feature in WWE, the heel turn has been talked about and it seemed likely in this program and importantly this match.

Running in with the white towel and angle was on before Brock Lesnar threw the towel away and Dominick started to get some offence in especially sharing a 619 with his old man.

Image via WWE

Even when Rey lost the predictability was still there, but I’m glad WWE didn’t pull the trigger and now I don’t think they will.

If anything I could see the Mysterio family enter the Tag scene as it’s clear while a fantastic performer Rey is not the same man he once was. As a tag team, Mysterio senior can wrestle with his son and his final match being for the tag titles at Wrestlemania before retiring.

Undisputed Era Is The Future

WWE and wrestling fans have known this since the group was formed in 2017. It became clearer, especially in the minds of the senior executives at WWE, on the Smackdown after Crown Jewel where Adam Cole beat Daniel Bryan clean. They were always involved in the invasion angel building up to Survivor Series.

Image via WWE

Now add this weekend, doing double duty or in the case of Cole having one hell of a week and now deserves a massive bonus and a rest.

I think it’s easy to say both the NXT Championship match and the mid-card title triple threat matches were the standouts from Survivor Series both won by UE members – Cole and Strong.

Image via WWE

The worry for all of us is Vince not seeing the potential we all see on regular bases because they’re all small dudes. Their and our only hope when they do move across, because they’ve done everything in NXT, is that they go to Raw because Paul Heyman will be a better handling them.

Shayna Baszler vs Becky Lynch At Wrestlemania

With Baszler getting her biggest win at WWE since joining and tried to show dominance at the end only for Lynch closed the show standing on top is hopefully a sign a program to Wrestlemania is about to start.

Because if we’re being honest the triple threat was a bit of a mess as the money is in Baszler/Lynch and they tried to protect it as much as possible in this match.

A lot of hangs in February’s TakeOver because if the Queen of Spades is against Ripley. While I think the Aussie can win the Rumble, it looks like could be planning for Baszler to enter and win the Royal Rumble and plan to dethrone Lynch at Wrestlemania.

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