Release The Snyder Cut Of Justice League Is Getting Close

It’s happening, it’s actually fucking happening after last night’s events on Twitter the question is more of when, not if, the Snyder Cut of Justice League comes out.

Before I continue here’s a brief – Man of Steel and Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder had to step down from helming Justice League due to a family tragedy, Avenger’s filmmaker Joss Whedon came in to oversee reshoots, editing and release of Justice League.

The film bombed and since a small group of fans started a petition and in the past two years, it has grown to this incredibly exciting moment two years after the release of the DC movie.

The reason because last night Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck showed their support for the movement (among others) and this is major as it adds more weight because Gadot will be promoting Wonder Woman 1984 and Affleck will be doing press for his upcoming drama The Way Back next year.

Snyder also for first time public showed his support on Twitter after a year of posting images on social media platform Vero.

They now join their Justice League co-stars Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa showing public support and while Ezra Miller doesn’t have social media account it’s likely he would be apart of the movement.

Now all eyes will be on Henry Cavill’s Instagram account.

It’s no surprise that the cast would be behind Snyder as you can hear from multiple different interviews they all love Zack and I do think fans were robbed of an interesting, brilliant DCEU.

Image via Warner Bros/ Clay Enos

Due to the Release The Snyder Cut hashtag blowing up Twitter for hours, The Hollywood Reporter did a little digging and while the official press comment is “no announcement of a release of any such cut is imminent” I can’t help this is a cover and something soon (maybe not this week or month but maybe next year) is getting announced.

It would be fantastic if it’s a proper press conference, similar to the HBO Max launch, with Snyder is on stage, either with on his own or joined by his cast, to announce his cut of Justice League is not only going to be exclusively on HBO Max WB will have a worldwide weekend release as it’s likely the streaming service won’t be going worldwide.

Image via HBO Max

The confirmation will be massive for HBO Max and the money they’d get would pay for the money put in to finish of Snyder’s JL.

At the end of the day, this isn’t about money or even if the film is good or not it’s about a director finally able to show the movie he wanted to present to the world.

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