Black Adam Will Finally Get Released On Xmas 2021

Dwayne Johnson has been cast as Black Adam back in what seems like 1989 but actually happened in 2014 and honestly, despite Johnson talking about it throughout the years, never thought this film would ever happen.

Until Now! As The Rock took to Instagram last night to reveal a pretty decent concept art/poster announcement we officially have a release date and it’ll be released SEVEN YEARS after originally cast.

Black Adam will be coming to cinemas on December 22, 2021. Five days after Disney and Fox finally releases James Cameron’s Avatar 2.

If there one person that could take on Cameron and Avatar it’s Johnson as this man holds no fear as he successfully took on the might of Star Wars with a rebooted sequel of Jumanji.

Warner Bros (with their fancy new logo) and DC Films will also feel this could be a win as they proved with Aquaman making a billion at the box office last year in a crowded Christmas period.

In the IG post, Johnson talks about how much he wanted to be a superhero and how he’s looking forward to playing a role that is “unlike any other I’ve ever played in my career.”

This alone gets me excited as if you know the Black Adam character is he was given the powers of Superman by magic to protect an ancient Egyptian city and his wife and children.

Fuelled by rage he went murder the one who killed his family and over-threw the government of Khandaq and appointed himself ruler.

Then over the years, Black Adam has turned from Shazam’s greatest villain to one of DC’s greatest antiheroes.

I hope this is what we get with Johnson, as we’re never seen him play a villain before and believe if you remove the jokes and overall positive personality, he could be a great villain.

Production is set to start next year and Jungle Cruise’s Jaume Collet-Serra will be directing.

The question now is if after the critic and decent box office success if Shazam 2 will be following shortly after as WB and DC Films will be wanting both characters on screen together ASAP.

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