Last Christmas Trailer Is Released And The Film Is Made For Me

In the early hours (or overnight in the US) Universal released the first official trailer of Last Christmas and honestly it’s like director Paul Feig just went here’s a movie that Shaun will love.

He was right. This was a lovely and great first look at a film I’m seriously excited for and if it wasn’t for The Lion King and Joker it would’ve been my most excited film of this year.

Image via Universal

The trailer (and film for that matter) looks to have everything for me. Firstly, it’s a rom-com set in London during Christmas and that gives mega Love Actually vibes. The cast is great with a post-Daenerys Emilia Clarke, who’s now able to show off her clear comedic personality, Henry Golding, who’s coming off the success of Crazy Rich Asians and continues my bid of him to become the next James Bond.

Additionally, you have the damn of British cinema Emma Thompson and Michelle Yeoh, who never seems to age, also starring.

Thompson also co-wrote the script (with Bryony Kimmings) and if is just the sense of the humour in the film as Feig was telling Empire about how he got on board “One day out of the blue, this email showed up in my inbox with the subject line ‘The Script What I Wrote’”.

Emilia Clarke GIF by Last Christmas - Find & Share on GIPHY

If this and the jokes in the trailer are just a hint of the humour of the film then I’m in for a great time. The same goes for the story itself as the best rom-coms, or a “rom-com-plus or a dramatic romantic comedy”, have an emotional heartbeat and it looks like I’ll be crying.

“It’s a story of one woman’s journey to heal herself and her family” and the trailer hints to a major health scare and if you think about Clarke’s battles then this will make me a flood of tears.

Meanwhile, the film itself is loosely based on the music of the icon George Michael, I mean the film’s title should’ve been the beaming sign but I didn’t put two and two together, which means the soundtrack is going to be rad AF and I will be lip-syncing throughout especially when Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, I’m Your Man, Freedom! 90’, Faith, Fastlove, Careless Whisper (but worry about the contention to Deadpool).

Look forward to seeing how Club Tropicana is used and I hope Clarke and Golding duet for the song As.

Elsewhere, the reason I’m looking for to this film is that Feig is a massive fan of Love Actually and Richard Curtis.

Watch the trailer below and I can’t wait to see this film come to UK cinemas on 15 November.

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