Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale Is An Utterly Superb James Bond Playground

Ever since I first heard about Secret Cinema, it has always been on my bucket list to do and I’m so incredibly glad I was able to this time.

Launching in 2007 and creating over 70 productions from 28 Days Later to Back to the Future to Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back and now with their latest experience Casino Royale (tickets for their winter shows based on Netflix’s Stranger Things are already on sale and selling out).

Attendees turn up and turned out as a secret location in London. Not only for the reopening of Casino Royale in Montenegro but a number of international locations from the film. Those attended rocked up in their sharpest suits, tuxedo’s and ballroom dresses (apart from a couple of people who were in hoodies, tees and shorts/jeans like make an effort) and we all were Mi6 agents for the night, we were Bond!

The show was fantastic from the sets that could’ve easily been taken from Pinewood Studios to the casting from its cast that embeds the story of their character as well as improv with attendees.

As I sat wishing the world go by as people were walking and getting into character, (fake) gambling away there money. I got talking to one of the actors trying to get intel for my mission and not only did she fuck off once, but TWICE, I mean HOW RUDE! I didn’t even get her name. She was only known as the lady in red suit (queue the Chris De Burgh song).

During the physical ghosting, all hell broke loose as guns and bullets are flying and we all dropped to our knees, something I can’t do so if it was real, I’d be dead.

This what Secret Cinema does so well. While immersing yourself in this world, glamour turns into action and the production would be something that would make the film’s director Martin Campbell and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson proud as the show takes what the film was trying to do.

Make Bond modern, but keeping the heart of the franchise alive.

As the show, never once took itself too seriously. It was being a big kid in the ultimate playground, the set was massive but it was intimate.

After the spectacular, whirlwind experience, you can stay and watch the full two-and-a-half hour film (disclaimer I let with about 30 minutes left) or have a drink in the number of bars or grab something to eat, but risk missing out on a host of surprises.

That was the thing that got me, watching a film that came out in 2006 with a packed audience it felt like seeing this summer’s biggest blockbuster reacting with excitement, especially when Daniel Craig comes out of the ocean in those tiny swimming trunks.

Meanwhile, the acting was superb and shout out to the actress who looks identical to Caterina Murino.

All there’s left for me to add is go and do a Secret Cinema, make a weekend trip to London around it in what is the ultimate choose your own adventure and Casino Royale is a must go event for any Bond fan.

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