Ideas For Future Secret Cinema’s

This week I attended my first Secret Cinema and I had an UTTERLY FANTASTIC time. So much so I’m seriously thinking of entering the world of Casino Royale again.

I’ll be talking about my experience shortly on another article.

However, I’m still so incredibly pumped that I wanted to write this piece as to what we could (and hopefully should) see from this marvellous hint hint company.

Starting 10 years ago, they have done a mix of films and genres: Alien, The Battle of Algiers, The Shawshank Redemption, Casablanca, Miller’s Crossing, Back To The Future, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, 28 Days Later, The Grand Budapest Hotel, William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rough and Blade Runner.

Before I continue, I think what could hopefully happen in the future is that Secret Cinema moves out of the London area and tour the UK in the surrounding areas of cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh/Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, Bristol, Brighton, Liverpool and Southampton.

Bit of a warning a few of these suggestions will be superhero based. With all this out of the way, here are Ideas For Future Secret Cinemas.

Peaky Blinders

Set in Birmingham in 1919 after The Great War. Returning soldiers, newly minted revolutions and criminals are fighting to survive in a nation that’s in economic upheaval. One of the most powerful gangs of the time is the Peaky Blinders, run by returning war hero Thomas Selby and his family.

Thanks to the massively popular show, this could be a highly popular event to attend as many fans would love to immerse themselves in this world.

The dressing up and getting in the role would be simple as the fashion from the show as translated to the general public and this would be the ideal show to have in Birmingham.

It could be set before the first episode or during the series. You could be apart of the Selby family or a war hero or something else.

Captain America: Winter Solider

Still easy the best Marvel Cinematic Universe film to date, entering the MCU would be on the bucket list of so many fans from around the world.

Attendees would enter the world as SHIELD agents working under Nick Fury. However, some of those, like the actors, will be working for Hydra and you’ll have to work for the same mission finding x person and you’ll have to figure out who you can trust.

Captain America Winter Soldier Hail Hydra GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Dark Knight Rises

I’ve been thinking hard about what film from the iconic Dark Knight trilogy could be used in a Secret Cinema setting and while The Dark Knight is the greatest superhero movie ever made, I can’t see anything that could be set in an immersive world.

Which is why I think Rises would be the far better choice.

I know it has a lesser reception then TDK, but any Batman that was going to follow up was going to face the same issue.

The reason behind picking Rises is because it can be set around the roughly three weeks Gotham was without Batman and Bane was occupying the city. You could be split into groups as part of the trapped GCPD, Bane’s criminal army or civilian trying to survive.

Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians was one of the biggest films of last year and the depiction of Singapore was wonderful.

We could be part of the guest of Colin and Araminta’s wedding. Attending the bachelor and bachelorette parties and be invited to an exclusive party held by the Young family.

Shaun of the Dead/ The World’s End

This Secret Cinema could be another one that could go on tour to a Brighton or Manchester.

While I’m sure those who attended the 28 Days Later event three years would worry about similarities, the organisers haven’t done a comedy in a long time and Shaun of the Dead could be a great time.

Joining Shaun as you try and survive a zombie apocalypse having a tea round Liz’s or a pint at the Winchester as you wait for it to blow over.

Or alternately do your own pub crawl to The World’s End meeting different characters along the way.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This selection will get an incredible quick no from a lot of people, but hear me out as I for one believe Batman v Superman is one of the best comic book movies ever made.

We would be able to walk and explore the cities of Gotham and Metropolis as Zack Snyder envisioned them. See how Superman’s great city was rebuilding itself following the black zero event still bright and hopeful.

While Gotham is dark and full of crime and you may get a chance of seeing the bat signal overhead.

A number of people would be invited to Lex Luthor’s fundraiser for the Metropolis Public Library at his mansion and where bumping into Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Diana Prince, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor is very lucky.

Harry Potter

They could pick any Harry Potter film and every show would sell out. But for this argument I’d go with a double bill with Deathly Hallows and exploring a world where “he who should not be named” controls.

Imagine seeing the actors perform this live!!!

As everyone would want to dress up and enter Hogwarts and imagine going in and before you enter the sorting hat puts you in your house and you wear the classic house cloak.

Additionally, you’d be able to use your wand in certain moments and feel like a wizard/witch.

John Wick Double Bill

Similar to Casino Royale, in the John Wick you’d work or stay in the Continental Hotel in New York and you learn about the legend of the Boogieman.

If you’re a guest, you work for an assassin, played by an actor, getting intel on their next hit or as an employee sort out any issues.

As the film’s aren’t that long a double bill would be ideal and then you can stay in both the New York franchise as well as the hotel in Rome.

I’m sure whatever the organisers of Secret Cinema have future events already planned out and will be as fantastic as they’re normally received.

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