Smackdown Wins The Superstar Shake-Up

It was the second night of WWE’s Superstar Shake-Up with gaps to fill following the departure from a number of SmackDown superstars to Raw and it has to be said it the blue brand have got the best of the shake-up.

To the surprise of no one and the joy is Finn Balor has taken his Intercontinental title to Tuesday nights. It’s going to be interesting if he’ll be dropping the belt at the next Pay-Per-View so the IC title stays on Raw or Samoa Joe will move to Raw and the US championship will become the Red brands midcard title.


The other moves were in the best for the wrestlers, I’m glad to see Ember Moon switch to the blue brand because she can become the face of the women’s division on Smackdown. However, she will face competition from Bayley, who stated she’s on SD as a singles wrestler.


For the women’s tag division, Paige came out as she’ll be the manager for the of Asuska and Kairi Sane, which is great and will be the next tag champions and it helps concrete that Smackdown will be the home of women’s wrestling because that roster is mega strong.


Following dropping the Cruiserweight championship, Buddy Murphy has left 205 live to go to team blue and it’s going to be interesting in what they’ll do with the Aussie. I won’t be surprised if he becomes part of a tag team.

Murphy has a couple of options, if they do go that route, as Chad Gable is back on Smackdown and I really hope they do that to Gable as he’s got the potential to be the next Kurt Angle and given a great singles run and be involved in the IC title picture.

The other choice of the Aussie’s partner is Apollo Crews and turn him heel because I don’t know what he’ll be doing otherwise.

Speaking of tag teams, with a massive Usos size hole left in Smackdown it was filled by Otis and Tucker of Heavy Machinery and I’m sure they’ll be feuding with The Bar in no time.

Joining an already strong women’s division Mickie James will be there building up talent and it was a surprise that Liv Morgan was spilt from the Riott Squad.

She wrote a post on Instagram and I hope this means good things. I’m excited to see how she does a singles wrestler and if she goes through a character change.

View this post on Instagram

Riott squad….. we were told we’d never last. When I started my career with WWE, I never saw myself as a tag team competitor. I thought it was all about me. On 11-21-17 the Riott squad was formed. On that day, my life changed. I didn’t know I was going to make life long friends. I didn’t know I was going to gain two sisters. I didn’t know that these girls successes were going to mean more to me than my own. But it happened. I fell in love with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. They helped me. They shaped me. They accepted me for exactly who I am. I couldn’t ever thank them enough. The Riott Squad is REAL. The Riott squad consisted of three over looked women tired of doing things the “right way” and decided to do things THEIR WAY. Ruby and Sarah … this isn’t goodbye. Its see you later. This is opportunity. We know what we’re capable of together… it’s magic. Let’s see what we can do apart, and because I have your blessings.. I know I am unstoppable. You are both the most talented people I have EVER Met and I can’t wait to watch you strive. You guys have my whole heart and I am rooting for you. Even in separate brands… when y’all win.. I still win. And when I win, y’all win. And everyone knows WHEN WE WIN… WE 😉… ya know 💁🏼‍♀️. Thank you. That’s all I can say. Whole heartedly. I am grateful. Thank you for being better than I could have ever imagined. I love you. #RiottSquad. #RiottSquadForvever. #ThisIsntTheEnd #SquadSquad.

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The situation of Lars Sullivan has gotten weird as it was thought he was a Raw superstar, but now WWE is saying he’s a Smackdown guy now. Which is fine, having a monster on the blue brand is the smart move as Raw has about three massive guys.


Finally, Elias going to Tuesday nights is great because he can be the top heel on the company (or at least when Daniel Bryan isn’t around) and could be involved in the WWE title scene shortly.

Or we’ll be more likely to see a feud with R-Truth.


The final superstar to move and it has to be said it’s because of the move to Fox and have Roman Reigns have a fresh start on Smackdown is great for everyone.

The big dog will help usher the brand to Fox and it’s more than 90% certain it’ll be as champion and what this move does is end the idea of a mini Shield on Raw every week so now Rollins will be on his own when defending the Universal title.

Again, Smackdown won over the two nights and Fox has a great brand coming to them with Reigns being their top guy and having the strongest women’s division.


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