How Will Disney Juggle Star Wars Celebration, San Diego Comic Con and D23

2019 is a massive year for Disney and not with the films they’re releasing but the planning with the future.

The Mouse House has a crap tonne of content to announce and unveil but recently I’ve been wondering how they’ll be doing it as this year they’ve got Star Wars Celebration (11th April – 16th April), San Diego Comic-Con (18th July – 21st July) and D23 (23rd – 25th August).

So here’s how I’ll think Disney will handle all of this and make sure every convention will have some buzz for websites to write about and fans to get excited.

Star Wars Celebration


We know that we’re going to be getting the title, first poster and trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX on Friday 12th. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and the film’s director JJ Abrams will be on a panel along with the cast and we could learn who Richard E Grant and Dominic Monaghan will play.

Then you have to think if we’ll hear news regarding the David Benioff and D.B. Weiss new trilogy of films.

Elsewhere, on Sunday 14th, Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ will have some present with their new Star Wars series The Mandalorian. The panel will include executive producer and writer Jon Favreau and executive producer and director Dave Filoni and they’ll reveal more info about the show.


They’ll be joined by a couple of the cast (if not the full cast). We’ll likely get images and then a first trailer and possibly a behind the scenes video focusing on the series directors.

Later on Sunday, Filoni will come back to celebrate the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+ and we will be getting a trailer.

The only question is will we get news about the Cassian Andor and possibly other series.

San Diego Comic Con


We still don’t know if Marvel Studios will be at SDCC, but with Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home out, in the case of Far From Home a couple of weeks, before the convention.

Kevin Feige will want to be in Hall H on the 20th July just to think fans for making Captain Marvel and Endgame a billion dollar successes and the Marvel Studios president did say we’ll know about the new era after the release of Far From Home.


This would be the perfect time to announce what they’ll be doing next.

Black Widow would’ve been in production for a possibly just over a month so we could get first looks at Florence Pugh, David Harbour and Rachel Weisz characters and whoever’s playing the villain.

They could go all out and announce a full slate, reveal the cast of The Eternals and the lead of Shang-Chi.

I’ve got to think James Gunn will come on stage with the Guardians 3 cast.

However, unlike Star Wars Celebration I can’t see Marvel talk about their multiple upcoming Disney+ series.

Additionally, my biggest question mark as to why Feige might not give massive news is because of the balance of the news cycle as if Matt Reeves came out during the Warner Bros/ DC panel to announce the new Batman would steal the whole convention.

On the other hand, if Feige continued to do this and we also get the Batman news (plus other DC news and trailers) it would be the greatest SDCC ever.



For this year’s D23 you’ve got to think they’ll focus on Disney+ and letting everyone know what you’ll expect coming from streaming service when it comes to Marvel, Lucasfilm, Animation etc.


They also have to talk about the Fox merger.

I’m sure they’ll be movie news regarding Disney’s animation, live action and live action retellings of their animation.

Trailers for Frozen 2 (November 22 release), Disney/Pixar’s Onward (March 6, 2020), Mulan (March 27, 2020), Maleficent 2 (May 29, 2020) and Jungle Cruise (July 24, 2020).

They could also announce what Fox films they’ll be putting into production and do some spin as to why this is a great thing. Plus previous series like The Simpsons, Atlanta, Archer, What We Do In The Shadows, Family Guy etc will be on Disney+.

Meanwhile, with Marvel it could be just their Disney+ series like the newly announced Hawkeye, Loki, Scarlet Witch and Vision and anything else like New Warriors hasn’t got home since US network ABC dropped it.


Then you’ve got to think about the cancelled Marvel/Netflix shows and if they’ll be animated series as well.

Elsewhere, in the world of Star Wars, I won’t be surprised if they showed the Episode 9 trailer again and maybe throw in a behind the scenes featurette.

When it comes to Disney+, they could air the first episode or two of The Mandalorian and Clone Wars to get fans and bloggers/journalists at the convention hyping the show up to get fans on social media wanting to get the streaming service even more.

Throw in some info about the Cassian Andor series then you’ve got a pretty decent convention.

Additionally, I’d announce that those who’ve attended D23 will get a special deal when they buy Disney+ on the lines of getting the service at half price for the full year or pay just $7.99 for the first four months.

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