Post-WrestleMaina & Superstar Shake-Up Predictions

After an incredible weekend of wrestling within WWE with Takeover continuing to steal the weekend and Wrestlemania being the best feelgood shows WWE has done for years.

Wrestlemania is always the season finale of this never-ending show with post-Mania Raw and Smackdown equally must-watch TV as it’s a New Day with new champions, new storylines and more exciting new wrestlers.

These post Mania shows is the ideal time to bring in some fresh faces. Meanwhile, with the Superstar Shake-Up happening next week.

Here are my predictions has to which wrestlers will be both moving and leaving the company.


Becky Lynch

Since winning the Royal Rumble, Lynch has been doing double duty but as the new Raw Women’s Champion The Man will be exclusively on Raw switching from Smackdown since the first-ever Superstar Shake-Up.


AJ Styles

Similar to Lynch, AJ has been on Smackdown since the very first Superstar Shake-Up and it’s time for the Phenomenal One to move to the red brand and compete with the likes of Rollins and Reigns.



After months of doing triple duty, showing up live for SD and Raw and the pre-taped NXT, it’s time for these NXT call-ups to have a home. For Ricochet Raw would be ideal as he can be the red brand’s top high-flyer and could easily be in a mid-card title feud by Backlash.


Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir

After Baszler retained the title at Takeover this could all be pointless. However, with Rousey losing last night, she could be planning some time away to start a family.

I’d still like Baszler getting the call-up pointing towards she’s been everyone in NXT and is bored and wants a new challenge in the form of Lynch’s Raw belt. The Man could stand face-to-face with the Ace of Spades before getting jumped by Duke and Shafir.


Samoa Joe

Being Joe to Raw after successfully defending the US title at Mania can be the beginning of bringing respect back to the belt (with the US title moving to Raw, SD will get the IC title but more on that later) and as suggested above, he and Ricochet could have an awesome feud.


Mandy Rose

In Rose, WWE could have something special and with time be the new Trish Status but we need to see her break-up from Sonya Deville and build a run as a singles competitor.


Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura is an interesting one because he hasn’t been used well for a while on Smackdown until recently starting a tag team with Rusev.

However, they can easily kill that and move him to Raw and let him cut a promo saying he’s been wasted on Smackdown and moved to Raw to be the top guy in the company and he wants the belt. Have him fighting some of the top guys on Raw like Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns.



Unlike Ricochet, EC3 hasn’t been used or seen since his call-up and maybe they were waiting until now to give him a home and a storyline to use him it’s crazy to think that because he has the look, body, mic skills to be the company’s main guy.

Have him become Vince McMahon’s chosen champion and have involved in a feud for the Universal title.



Carmella has done everything at Smackdown and a change of scenery could be good and move from fun time babyface to heel. Not the annoying character she was before but instead use her Queen of Staten Island and Mella is Money as her status.

She’d buy her way around, she’d get carried to the ring, have new ring gear at every Raw and PPV.


Undisputed Era

Again this could be pointless as it looks like they’re starting a new storyline breaking up the group and Kyle O’Reilly is at Progress Wrestling’s Super Strong Style 16.

However I like the ideal the Undisputed Era being the last to join and get revealed at the end of the main event, attack Seth Rollins as it’ll be his first night as Universal champion.

Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, O’Reilly and Roderick Strong beat Rollins to a pulp and the show ends with their music and Michael Cole shouting about shocking the system.



Finn Balor

With Joe moving with is US title to Raw, Balor switches to Smackdown bringing his Intercontinental title with him and after being with Raw since the first-ever Superstar Shake-Up this move will do great things for his career in WWE.

Additionally, it’s time to see a heel Balor as we’ve seen nothing but him as a face since his NXT debut. With the man with the incredible abs finally a villain it will be the last chance to actually do something with his former Bullet Club brothers Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

This will be his best chance to become a world champion and be the top guy on Smackdown.


Pete Dunne

After nearly two years being WWE UK champion and being introduced to the wider WWE audience at the Royal Rumble, Dunne can jump straight into the blue brand and work his way up the ladder to get to competing with Xavier Woods, Andrade, Kevin Owens, Mustafa Ali and more to get to battle for the IC title.


Rhea Ripley

Ripley is an incredibly talented wrestler and could easily compete with the women in the SmackDown roster and due to her time as the first ever NXT UK champion and on the UK brand, she doesn’t need to go to NXT so a main roster move will be for the best.

I’d put the Aussie in a high profile program with Naomi right away.


Aleister Black

Similar to Ricochet, Black has been doing triple duty and now post Mania is the perfect time to find a home and wrestle as a singles wrestler and I think the blue brand would be for the best and keep them apart.

Unlike Dunne, I’d have Black involved in the main title alongside Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan as he has the cool look and move set to compete with the top guys.


Kairi Sane

Sane would be the last of the NXT call-ups and I’d have her as part of a tag team with Asuka and I know that seems annoyingly lazy but WWE had nothing for the Empress of Tomorrow during her SD Women’s title run.

However, as a tag team it’s a way for wider audiences to get to know Sane and by the time Extreme Rules comes around in July have Asuka turn heel and they have a feud until Summerslam and maybe meet up again at next year’s Wrestlemania fighting for the title.


Alexa Bliss

Waiting until post Mania to bring Bliss back is a smart move and moving her to the blue brand would be even better as it could be a fresh start and go into a program for the women’s title.

Maybe look at having Ripley as her destroyer and build a Shawn Michaels/Diesel partnership.


Authors of Pain

We haven’t seen AoP since Drew Maverick pissed himself and the best we all forget that and similar to Bliss the best way is for a new start and they can battle some get tag teams like The Usos, New Day and The Bar.



It’s time for Elias to have a new look, character and home and maybe form a new faction or become a member of Bryan’s save the planet mission.


Chad Gable

Chad Gable is a fantastic wrestler and deserves the chance to have a singles run because he could easily be in the mix for the IC title.

It’s likely he’ll be moved to 205 though, which will be a shame.



With the NXT call-ups and superstars moving brands, it’s possible some faces will be departing and begin on the indie scene or join All Elite Wrestling.

Goldust – His younger brother is president of AEW.
Tyler Breeze – Deserved to be treated better and could do decent things at New Japan and AEW.
The Revival – Had their tag title match announced a couple of days before the show and it was the pre-show, which they lost.
Big Show – Retire
The Colons – Why are they still there.
Rusev & Lana? – Deserves a bigger push, Rusev should be in the main title picture but is booked poorly.
Viktor – Similar to The Colons
Kane – Retire
Alicia Fox – As barely been used and wasn’t featured in the Women’s Battle Royal at WM35.

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