John David Washington & Robert Pattinson To Lead Christopher Nolan’s Next Film

Christopher Nolan’s next cinematic experience is starting to take shape as he now has his two leads.

It’s very rare to have a project by a director to be as hyped similar to a superhero or franchise movie, but in Nolan, he is someone that draws buzz and talent.

Variety was first to break the news of the first star to sign with the superstar director with BlackKklansman breakout John David Washington named as one of two leads.

This is a great move by the 34-year-old actor after working with Spike Lee and could become a household name and Washington wasn’t the only name announced.

A few hours later, Collider revealed that Robert Pattinson is set to star opposite Washington.

The plot of film is being kept under wraps and there’s plenty of speculation and rumour about what the Dunkirk filmmaker has in store, but Variety is stating the film is being described as “a massive, innovative action blockbuster” and it will be shown in IMAX (no surprises as the British director is massive fan of the large cinematic format).

Similar to the plot, it’s unknown what role these two stars will play but Collider is saying the two leads will be joined by “age-appropriate female lead” and “an older male co-star”.

This is a great opportunity for Pattinson because since his Twilight days he’s been working hard to showcase himself as an actor picking his projects carefully such as The Lost City of Z, The Rover and recently received praise for his performance in Bad Times.

Speculation will be buzzing now as to who the lead actress will be and I’ll happily throw Natalie Portman and Carey Mulligan names out there because I think they’d be incredible working with Nolan.

What we do know is every actor is wanting to work with Nolan and we’ll probably hear about the film’s plot by hopefully the end of the year as I’m sure he’ll keep production, that starts this summer, under lockdown.

All eyes will be all on the project as it will be the first since the filmmaker got his first Best Director Oscar-nominated for 2017’s Dunkirk and Warner Bros have announced a release date of July 17, 2020.

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