The Batman Fancast

Matt Reeves’ Batman is coming to be an actual production after years of scriptwriting and recently Discussing Film revealed that we could possibly see this Batman take place in the 90s with The Penguin as the main villain, but the film will include multiple antagonists.

So with that here’s the first of The Bear Cave’s fantasts focusing on The Batman.

Batman/ Bruce Wayne – Aaron Taylor-Johnson

With the news that Warner Bros/DC Films and Matt Reeves are looking at bringing a younger actor to play the role of Batman.

If that’s the case, I can’t see an actor who’s 30 years old or slightly older as Christian Bale was 31 when Batman Begins came out. Having this in mind I can see Reeves could be looking at actors around the 28/29-year-old age.

Which is why I believe Aaron Taylor-Johnson would be an ideal Batman. I’m sure plenty of people will just see him as Kick-Ass or Quicksilver in the MCU or for UK audiences of a certain age starred in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, similar to Robert Patterson with Twilight, but Taylor-Johnson has done more than that in his career.

The Brit receive plenty of praise for his performance in Nocturnal Animals winning a Golden Globe and many thought he deserved an Oscar nomination. For me, it was his transformed incredible performance as James Douglas in Netflix’s Outlaw King.

Additionally, I think he has the look to be playboy Bruce Wayne and importantly the chin to wear the cowl.

Other Choices – Robert Patterson, Tom Bateman

Alfred – Jeremy Irons


It’s unknown what will happen with actors apart of the Batman side of the DCEU since Ben Affleck retired.

The question marks will be around Irons’ Alfred and JK Simmons as Jim Gordon if they’ll go younger or not, but if I was in the studio I’d push to keep Irons. He’s a man that doesn’t age and is still the ideal actor to play the role.

Other Choices – David Morrissey, Ralph Fiennes

The Penguin – Brian Tyree Henry


Ever since rumours popped up that Oswald Cobblepot could be the villain in either the Birds of Prey or Reeves’ Batman, now looking more likely he will be involved.

I’ve forever had one man in mind and that’s Atlanta star, Brian Tyree Henry.

I don’t know how or why this came to mind but I think he’d be superb and then if you look at his character in Steve McQueen’s Widows where Henry plays a local crime boss turned politician wanting his money back.

Imagine something similar instead Cobblepot would rival Johnson’s Wayne in the Gotham’s eligible bachelor and be a big businessman and king of Gotham’s nightlife with the infamous Iceberg Lounge.


However, away from the public and press, he’s an old school, vicious crime lord who gets his hands dirty when needed to make the point.

The costume could still be the classic comic book look but I think Henry would make look cool.

Other Choices – Toby Jones, Brendan Gleeson

Catwoman – Eiza Gonzalez


Catwoman is an interesting character, throughout the canon she has had different incarnations with originally being a villain and then turned antihero, but most recently became more a hero.

I’ve always preferred the Selina Kyle from the animated series as that’s what I grew up watching. So ideally I’d go with as Catwoman a villain that flirts and sometimes helps Batman but as Kyle more of a hero who isn’t easily persuaded by Bruce Wayne and all his charm.

For me, Kyle/Catwoman can be any actress of colour as the animated series showed her originally as a white woman before making her more of Asian descent.

Originally, I thought Alison Brie or Gemma Chan would’ve been ideal Kyle’s but thanks to Baby Driver and her Instagram, Eiza Gonzalez would be a fantastic Catwoman.

Other Choices – Sonya Mizuno, Ana de Armas

Clayface – Andy Serkis


With Reeves’ experience bring to life Caesar and co from his Apes movies and enhancing the CGI alongside Serkis and his Imaginarium Productions which is why this would be the perfect opportunity for both director and actor to bring the character to life on the big screen for the first time.

As unlike the other villains mentioned this would be something new plus you can play off the back story of Basil Karlo asking the Penguin for help.

It would be the tragic story as we see this desperate man use this clay to transform his face, voice and body to help him become a bigger acting star before it takes control turning him into a monster and even though he does evil things, he wouldn’t be evil in heart and could help Batman by the end of the film.

Other Choices – Serkis is the only one who could play Clayface

Two-Face – Armie Hammer


We’ve only gotten half of a film with Two-Face in The Dark Knight so this would be the perfect chance to see Harvey Dent as more of a villain then Gotham’s District Attorney.

I’d love to see the film use some of the stories from the animated series of Dent having a mental illness suffering from multiple personality disorder as Big Bad Harv was his anger trying to come out.

You can use that as a way for Bruce Wayne to fight his former best friend as his Harvey has gone and replaced by Two-Face.

I chose Hammer because I think it would be poetic that the man so close to playing Batman and forever rumoured for the role including now plays one of Batman’s famous villains.


Additionally, I think Hammer would do a decent job in the role.

Other Choices – Will Arnett, James Norton

Court of Owls


If we’re getting a detective, noir driven story no villain or villainous group suits that style quite like the Court of Owls.

They’re a secret society and organised crime group in Gotham City and have been around since the colonial times and would be a great set up to use them throughout the hopeful trilogy of Batman films.

Not one actor would have to be the face they could be full of extras with the only character of needing of an actor would be the Owls agent(s) The Talons.

The Riddler – Oscar Isaac


The Riddler is part of the A-list of Batman’s rogue’s gallery and rightly so because he’s different to other rogues as he tests the Dark Knight’s intelligence.

Even though Jim Carry did a decent job with all things consider within Batman Forever but Edward Nygma would fit perfectly in a noir, thriller detective story because he’s got a lack of empathy and uses the public as bait.

I know he’d be in peoples list of Batman fancast, but I’d love to see Isaac as a heartless, clever, psychotic villain playing games with Batman.

Other Choices – Donald Glover, Lakeith Stanfield

Detective Jim Gordon – Joseph Gordon Levitt


If true and to walk alongside a younger Batman, Reeves is wanting to cast a younger Jim Gordon it signs the current end of JK Simmons participation as the Gotham detective, which will be a shame.

This might get people talking but why not bring back a former DC movie alum in the form of Joseph Gordon Levitt.

At 38, he would be at least 10 years older than whoever plays Bruce Wayne and would be great at the role and while will probably still remember from The Dark Knight Rises I can’t see him turn down the chance to work with Reeves.

Other Choices – Toby Kebbell

Detective Harvey Bullock – Matt Berry


It’s been odd with the many Jim Gordon’s in Batman films, one character always missing from his side and that’s Harvey Bullock.

He was an important character when growing up watching the animated series and was a character in a shade of grey. He was Gordon’s ally but didn’t trust Batman and was the comic relief but he could be a character that could be a corrupt cop.

I think its time to introduce him in the DCEU and while searching who to fancast British actor Matt Berry was thrown out in the internet and I actually like it.

Berry a brilliant comedic actor just watch Toast of London and will be in the upcoming What We Do In The Shadows tv series and it would be an interesting change to see the 44-year-old handle a serious role.

So here’s my fancast of The Batman. Let me know what you think in the comments below

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