Ezra Miller Writing The Flash Script In Bid To Stay In The DCEU

It was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter on Friday that Ezra Miller is penning a new script for the film version of The Flash.

The Justice League and Fantastic Beasts star is working alongside comic legend Grant Morrison in a bid to keep the actor in the title role, which will be its fifth script for the Scarlett Speedster.

It came to the shock and banter of everyone on social media, however, it could just work.

The issue all boils down to tone, as with the current version under the newest directors (Warner Bros are on their third now) John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are pulling from their comedy roots, with films like Vacation, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Game Night) to bring a light-hearted take on Barry Allen.

As THR is reporting it’s understandable for the studio to go this way as they can point to the billion dollars Aquaman made and Shazam! which is getting positive online buzz and set to be another home run for WB/DC.

On the other hand, Miller doesn’t want that sort of take instead gunning for a darker film.

Miller too as a point as there’s already a light-hearted Barry Allen/Flash on TV and you can make the case of saying why repeat it. Additionally, it could also come down to Zack Snyder.


As throughout all the ins and outs of the script and directors, Miller has been the one constant after being cast by Snyder back in 2016 and maybe during their discussions, the filmmaker sold him on what his plans would’ve been for him in the DCEU and his solo film.

Plus, the 26-year-old actor might think that the original plan has been watered down too far and he wants to bring back the serious take on Allen.

It’s a ballsy move, but not that surprising as Ryan Reynolds has had major import on Deadpool getting on the big screen even having a screenwriting credit on Deadpool. Also if Warner decides to stay with the planned script, Miller will most likely follow Ben Affleck out of the DCEU and for a bit of spice according to THR’s sources, Miller’s current Flash deal runs out this May.

We should hear more news this week as the script could be submitted to the studio as early as this week.

It’s going to be an interesting race to the finish line, but one I expect to see Flash getting recast.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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