The Batman Sequel Has Found A Co-Writer

Matt Reeves is moving full steam ahead with his Batman universe as he’s found a co-writer to help pen the sequel to one of the greatest comic book movies ever made.

Mattson Tomlin has once again answered Reeves’ Bat-signal, and the dynamic duo will be hard at work on the Robert Pattinson-led Caped Crusader follow-up. The news was revealed after Reeves signed a first-look deal at Warner Bros.

Despite not having a named credit, Tomlin did work on The Batman during issues with the third act. However, the writer will be working on the project from the ground up this time.

Plot details are kept closely guarded and it hasn’t been confirmed if Barry Keoghan will reappear as The Joker, despite the reveal near the end of the film and the deleted scene that was posted online.

The Hollywood Reporter has even revealed writing for the sequel hasn’t even begun yet but will get going in the coming weeks.

Tomlin is rising highly within Hollywood as a top writer working on several shorts and indie projects before receiving a number of credits over the past few years with Netflix’s Project Power which starred Jamie Foxx, and the Olivia Cooke, Jack O’Connell-led Little Fish.

Elsewhere in 2021, he wrote and made his directorial debut sci-fi thriller Mother/Android. Now he’s working on the Terminator tv series, an adaptation of the video game Mega Man and a Netflix adaptation of the BOOM! Studios comic book co-created by Keanu Reeves called BRZRKR.

Following the announcement of Matt Reeves’ first-look deal, it says to me is WB will have two different DC universes, with The Batman Universe completely separate from the new DC Universe the studio wants to create.

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