Tom Cruise Has Post-Mission: Impossible Projects Sorted

If you ever wondered what Tom Cruise planned to do once he’s finished with the Mission: Impossible franchise, your questions have been answered.

As Deadline has revealed, Hollywood’s last remaining classic movie star is planning on working on multiple projects alongside his director-producer collaborator Christopher McQuarrie, who will write all of these.

Whilst still in the midst of filming Mission: Impossible 8, the duo are planning on three new films.

The first is they’re planning to stay within the action genre with something they believe will have potential to become a franchise. The other (quite surprisingly) is a song and dance musical. Finally, something that’s been rumoured for years and now looks to be happening, a Les Grossman project.

The latter was hugely popular when Cruise made a film-stealing cameo in Tropic Thunder as the dance-happy studio executive Grossman. However, it’s currently uncertain if it will be a film focused on him or if the character will be part of another movie.

Meanwhile, Cruise wanting to do a full-on song and dance music is a surprise, the actor did learn to sing like a rock star for the heavily panned Rock of Ages, but this will be along the lines of a golden age picture that would’ve starred Fred Astaire and something the 60-year-old will push for Oscar season.

This all comes off the back of the pair’s incredible success with Top Gun: Maverick, which has surpassed $1.3 million at the box office and is currently 13th on the all-time worldwide gross list.

In the nearest future, once he’s thought of many other mental stunts on the MI movies, Cruise will start work on the untitled filmed in actual space movie with the help of NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

The groundbreaking flick will be released by Universal and will see the Hollywood icon re-teaming with Edge of Tomorrow and American Made director Doug Liman, with McQuarrie producing.

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