Green Lantern: Beware My Power Blu-Ray – ★★★✩✩

Growing up watching cartoons, I knew of only one thing – Green Lantern was John Stewart, and John Stewart was my Green Lantern.

I know everyone will connect to a different Lantern, Hal, Jessica, Guy or Kyle. But for me and those that watched the Justice League and Unlimited animated series, our space cop will always be the former Marine.

This is why I was so excited to see this film! Not only were we FINALLY getting a new Green Lantern movie after 11 years, but one that was a Stewart origin story.

Image via Warner Bros

The story follows the recently discharged Marine sniper John Stewart (Aldis Hodge). His life becomes more complicated when he receives an extraterrestrial ring which grants him the power of the Green Lantern of Earth. However, with a light-hearted Green Arrow (Jimmi Simpson) in tow, the reluctant recruit sets off on a journey across space to stop an intergalactic war and learn what it means to have such power.

Everything with Stewart’s journey and Hodge’s performance is excellent; it honestly saves the film for me. I wish this was the story of the whole movie about how Stewart deals with life and the horrors he’s witnessed as he comes to terms with his PTSD. Yet, after not wanting to be a superhero, having to stop a great threat, before realising why he was picked and finds purpose again.

They do all this in Beware My Power, but the story gets confusing when we introduce other elements we haven’t built up towards, like the Watchtower!

Image via Warner Bros

The forming of the Justice League and introduction of the Watchtower in this universe is a movie in itself, with a post-credit scene of Stewart entering the base, which happens in the film.

We’re then introduced to Hawkgirl and the whole Rann/Thanagar war and then Sinestro before getting to the big reveal in the last 15 minutes.

It was too much, and I found myself getting sleepy watching, which rarely happens with DC Animated movies.

There is an excellent movie in there, it’s just got too much for this ring to hold, and it suffers for it.

The animation, as is with Butch Lukic behind it, is stunning. I’m loving this design to these new connected DC movies. I hope the movie gets more Green Lantern movies with John Stewart and Hodge voicing him because there’s so much untapped greatness there.

Image via Warner Bros

Are There Any Bonus Features?

Luckily enough, there is. There are two Justice League episodes and a wonderful 30 minute featurette called John Stewart: The Power and the Glory, highlighting the importance of this iconic character and celebrating his 50th anniversary.

I even got emotional when I heard legendary voice actor Phil LaMarr say that iconic line.


Everything involving John Stewart was great and Hodge’s voice work was brilliant, but there was too much happening to make it a great movie.

Image via Warner Bros

Green Lantern: Beware My Power on DVD and Blu-ray on 25 July 2022, and Digital Download on 26 July 2022.

Certificate – 15
Directed By – Jeff Warnester
Starring (Voice By) – Aldis Hodge, Jimmi Simpson, Jamie Grey Hyder, Brian Bloom, Ike Amadi, Rick D. Wasserman, Nolan North
Running Time – 88 Minutes (1 Hour 52 Minutes)

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