DC Entertainment Planned For An Overhaul At Warner Bros Discovery

David Zaslav isn’t hanging about in his first week as CEO of Warner Brothers Discovery as he’s looking to overhaul the entire DC Universe.

According to Variety, since the completion of the $43 billion merger, Zaslav and other top brass have been toying with the idea of turning DC into its own solidified content vertical.

This could potentially affect the entire creative process of future DC films and streaming series to maximize the value of their superhero roster, with the CEO looking at the likes of former 20th Century Studios and Paramount executive Emma Watts to be their “Kevin Feige”.

However, a source to the US trade states, “Zaslav was less interested in finding a creative guru and more eager to hire someone who had the type of business background needed to keep all the different factions at DC working more harmoniously.”

One person that could be directly affected is DC Films chief Walter Hamada, who is under contract until 2023, but he seems whatever Zaslav has planned will involve him.

As Hamada has been growing in the role and increasing the success of the films as one of the lines Discovery is looking into is revitalizing several top-tier characters like Superman, who have been left to languish. The studio also wants more projects like Todd Phillips’ Joker as they see it as a shining example of how the DC library should be exploited.

They’ll be likely to look into expanding on the success of Matt Reeves’s The Batman as they have a spin-off series in the works focusing on Colin Farrell’s and a rumoured Arkham show.

Image via Warner Bros

Last year, I wrote a piece about how Warner Bros and the then WarnerMedia should look to turn DC Films into DC Studio with Charles Roven in charge, you can read more here.

DC Films have a few upcoming projects with the sequel to Zachary Levi’s Shazam, the long-awaited Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson, both releasing this year. In 2023 both have The Flash and the Jason Moman led Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom. We’ll also be seeing Batgirl and Blue Beetle and a third instalment of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

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