New Writer Found For Crazy Rich Asians 2

One of the best modern-day rom-coms is 2018’s Crazy Rich Asians. As a fan of the genre, I loved the film and it would be my argument for Henry Golding to be James Bond.

It wasn’t just me who loved it as it went on to make $238.5 million worldwide on a $30 million budget (via Box Office Mojo). So while a sequel wasn’t needed, Warner Bros wanted to continue the wave, and I wouldn’t be disappointed in returning to the mega-rich lifestyle of Golding’s Singapore family.

The film was co-led by Constance Wu and also starred Michelle Yeah, Gemma Chan, Ken Jeong, Lisa Lu and Awkwafina. At the end of the first feature did tease a potential sequel when Chan’s Astrid Young Teo met Charlie Wu, played by Harry Shum Jr.

Now, Deadline has revealed WB and Color Force have found their writer for the sequel with Chinese-Australian Amy Wang, who has replaced original writers Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim following a 2019 controversy around pay.

Image via Deadline

What’s also great is that Jon M. Chu is returning to helm as he brought such a wonderful style to the movie that I would worry no one would be able to match it.

The plot for the sequel is kept under wraps, and the studio is planning a third film. If you’re making a sequel, you might as well have a trilogy.

As for the 2019 controversy, it centred around Lim learning she was paid shockingly 10 times less than Chiarelli with the argument being Chiarelli is a seasoned features writer, penning films like The Proposal, and Lim was mainly a TV writer.

While I think Chiarelli should have been paid a little bit more than Lim given their experiences, but 10 times is a true term of a piss-take and I can fully understand why she declined an improved offer.

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