The Batman Has Been Given a 15 Rating For UK Audiences

We’re only a couple of weeks left until The Batman is released and with tickets going on sale tomorrow (Thursday 10th), we officially know the age rating for the film in the UK.

The British Board of Film Classification has revealed the Matt Reeves directed superhero epic is rated at a 15.

Image via Jonathan Olley/ Warner Bros

The big reason is for “strong threat and violence”, but when digging deeper, the BBFC also states horror with character in “elaborate death traps” and it’s clear when reading it Reeves isn’t fucking around.

We as audiences will see “mutilated bodies” and the “sight of a severed thumb”. The other reasons behind this rating include the use of “fuck” and milder language. Additionally, the film contains “moderate sex references” involving a peeping tom, but it could also be triggering to people as there are “references to suicide and mental health.”

After the US PG-13 rating, I was honestly expecting the BBFC to announce the film receiving a 12A so Warner Bros could gain more audiences, especially with older families.

On the other hand, this rating shows the studio fully backs their filmmaker, which is great to see. As if we needed any proof of how massive this film will be, the fan screenings in the US (in which they’re seeing it on the 1st March) have either sold out or nearly sold out.

It also tells me that Reeves didn’t have to do any additional editing for UK audiences as the film has a 176 minute (2 hours 56 minutes) run time.

Additionally, it tells us more about this version of Paul Dano’s Riddler, who will be giving us a more of a terrifying Jigsaw (from the Saw films) vibe compared to the over the top take Jim Carrey gave us in Batman Forever.

Image via Jonathan Olley/ Warner Bros

As you can tell, I’m incredibly hyped for this film and I will be booking my tickets tomorrow for opening day.

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