Ready For Round 2? Mortal Kombat Sequel Announced

After its surprising pandemic success, both at the box office and HBO Max, New Line Cinema is moving forward with a Mortal Kombat sequel. The studio has brought in Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slate to pen the script.

Deadline broke the story and despite its day-and-date release, the action-adventure smashed box office expectations making over $83 million worldwide during the pandemic in April 2021. What’s made this film an even bigger success is its performance on the WarnerMedia streaming service.

The R-rated movie is one of the top performers on the service since its launch beating Godzilla vs Kong, Zack Snyder’s Justice League (though question marks remain regarding its official numbers) and The Suicide Squad.

No official word if original director Simon McQuoid will return to helm the sequel or returning cast members are locked, but given their contacts would’ve likely stated at least a three-film deal, we probably will see them.

I’m sure this sequel will introduce fan favourite characters like Johnny Cage, Jade and Kitana.

Additionally, I’m sure it’ll be a full theatrically release but considering its popularity on HBO Max, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were exclusively released on the steamer to gain more subscriptions.

As for Slate, as well as writing Marvel’s Disney+ series, Moon Knight, he previously worked on The Umbrella Academy and The Exorcist and his recently written Netflix flick Uprising and adapted Stephen King’s Tommyknockers for Universal.

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