Magic Mike Is Back! As Channing Tatum & Steven Soderbergh Return For A Third Movie

After becoming a major worldwide hit, Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh are reteaming up as they’re bringing a third instalment of the Magic Mike franchise.

Deadline revealed the film will be called Magic Mike’s Last Dance and will be released by Warner Bros. Tatum is returning as Mike Lane with Soderbergh back in the director’s chair, and Reid Carolin is writing the script to the sequel.

It is surprising this film is releasing under HBO Max instead of a worldwide release, given the original 2012 movie was a massive smash hit, making $167.7 million on a $7 million budget. Despite the 2015 sequel making less at $117.8 million worldwide, it still made a profit for the studio as it had a budget of $14.8 million.

Then add the fact this franchise has become a global business thanks to the Magic Mike Live show. Launching in Las Vegas before expanding to London, Berlin and Australia. Then from next April, the show will go on its first multi-year US tour going to cities like Nashville and Miami.

Tatum confirmed the news posting an image of the script on his Twitter.

I’m hyped they’re making a third film as when I saw XXL at a press screening, I had the best time watching and it was the most fun I had watching a movie that year.

It looks like this movie is to cap off a trilogy, but I can see WB announcing spin-offs for the franchise as they’re already doing with the reality show “Finding Magic Mike”.

Alongside the announcement, Tatum said, “There are no words for how excited I am to blow the doors off of the world of Magic Mike with Steven, Greg, Reid, and the amazing people at HBO Max.” Adding, “The stripperverse will never be the same.”

It sounded like it was Soderbergh’s idea to get the group back together and thanks to the popularity of the live shows.

“As soon as I saw what Channing, Reid, and the Magic Mike choreographic team did with the live show, I said, ‘We have to make another movie.’ Mike Lane’s dream of connecting people through dance must be realized,” Soderbergh added.

Details about the film are still under wraps, but it’ll likely lean on the global reach of the shows and we’d see Lane as a businessman. Hopefully, we see the likes of Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, Donald Glover and Matt Bomer returning.

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