Henry Golding & The Suicide Sqaud’s Daniela Melchior Lead Action Spy Movie, Assassin Club

The Suicide Squad’s Daniela Melchior and Henry Golding, recently leading Snake Eyes, have joined Noomi Rapace and Sam Neil in an action film called Assassin Club.

Revealed by Deadline, Assassin Club is in a world revolving around international spies and elite assassins with Morgan Gaines (Golding) the best of the best. Morgan is hired to go round the world to kill six people, only to discover the same six targets were hired to kill one another.

The one person Morgan has to worry about is Falk, played by Rapace, who has the skills to match his own. With his mentor Jonathan Caldwell (Neill) as guidance, Morgan must defeat Falk and the other assassins to keep himself and his girlfriend Sophie (Melchior) alive.

It’s surprising how this project flew so below the radar given the decent talent involved and that recently both Golding and Melchior have been posting on IG from Italy (where the film is shooting) and nothing clicked.

Camille Delamarre, who has directed many Europacorp movies and Transporter: Refueled, is helming the project, but there’s no deal in place with a top Hollywood studio.

I won’t be surprised if it goes to a major streamer, with my best guess being Amazon.

Following from the poor performance and reaction to Snake Eyes, this is the perfect project for Golding to prove his action man status and get into the James Bond shape. As for Melchior, I hope she’s more than just a girlfriend.

Because the Portuguese actress showed as Ratcatcher 2 in The Suicide Squad, she has a wonderful on-screen presence and can handle the action stuff. So fingers crossed she’ll get to kick arse.

Additionally, Neill will be solid, and I’m looking forward to seeing Rapace play a villain and one that will go toe-to-toe with Golding.

The project does sound a lot like John Wick and the world that’s created there.

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