DC FanDome Is Back and It’s set to be Better than Last Year

The inaugural DC FanDome last year was the perfect escape while the whole world was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to the shock of everyone, the entire event was an incredible success.

There were the highs of the first trailer of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, game announcements of Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. It all ended with a teaser trailer of The Batman that blew everyone away and smashed the hype train to the point we’re still talking about it a year on.

The only downside was there was a lot of filler between many of the high profile and being UK based; it started at 6pm and finished at 3am. I loved every single minute, and I can’t wait to do it all again this year.

DC Fandome 2021 will be on Saturday 16th October, and fans and viewers will be able to enter the DC Multiverse at DCFanDome.com but will also be free to watch on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as everything unfolds at the Hall of Heroes stage.

The upside has already started as the event begins an hour earlier this year.

So what can fans expect this year?

The headline act will be an exclusive new trailer of the highly anticipated The Batman on the film side. Given that the teaser was made with just 25% of filming completed, I can’t imagine what Matt Reeves has in store for us, and I can honestly see it blowing up social media the whole weekend.

Elsewhere, we’ll get a sneak peek at The Flash (which will be a teaser trailer), the first look at Black Adam and a behind-the-scenes look at Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Shazam! Fury of the Gods will also be there and since filming has just finished, I won’t be surprised if there’s some sort of short teaser and first look at Helen Mirren, Lucy Lu and Rachel Zegler.

Finally, we’ll get a look at DC League of Super-Pets, and I fully expect some big announcements and hopefully short panels for Batgirl, Blue Beetle and Black Canary.

When it comes to TV, they’ll be looks and info regarding the new seasons of Batwoman, The Flash, Superman & Lois and Sweet Tooth, a farewell to Supergirl after six seasons and a celebration of 100 episodes of Legends of Tomorrow.

What will be interesting is getting this first look at Naomi, the newest DC character coming to TV.

Once again, games will be taking a headline act as we’re getting new info and hopefully another trailer for Gotham Knights and a new trailer and gameplay trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

HBO Max will be taking more of a platform this year as we’re getting an exclusive look at the upcoming series Peacemaker and the limited series DMZ.

Image via HBO Max

Animation will also get a moment to shine with fans finally getting a look at Aquaman: King of Atlantis, a sneak peek at Harley Quinn season three, a preview of Young Justice: Phantoms and surprisingly, an early look at Batman: Caped Crusader, where I’m hoping we’ll get a cast reveal.

Finally, I was disappointed there wasn’t much of a platform for DC animated home entertainment releases as they’re incredibly popular amongst the fanbase. However, this year looks to be different with the premiere of the trailer for Catwoman: Hunted and hopefully a full trailer for Injustice.

Besides the announcements, trailers and reveals, I hope we get another panel similar to last year where DC Films chief Walter Hamada and Jim Lee, Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, discuss the future of DC movies as that was quite interesting.

I’m sure we’ll get more news about what we can expect from DC FanDome, and you know I’ll be covering it on The Bear Cave.

Image via DC FanDome

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