The Squad For A Suicide Squad 3

As you’ve might’ve seen, I recently wrote 10 Filmmakers Who Could Direct Suicide Squad 3, and I’ve also created a Spotify playlist of what a soundtrack could sound like if I were in charge of this property.

However, now it’s time to talk about the squad themselves and brief story treatment.


Under the superb command of Amanda Waller, Task Force X has stopped the world from ending by a sorceress and an alien invasion. Now it’s Waller who needs the squad.

After learning there’s a price on her head from an unknown person, but while she investigates, Waller has instructed Task Force X to go on the attack and take down the assassin hired for the job, Deathstroke.

When Waller learns the person behind this, it’s time for her to face her past actions.

The Squad

Getting the squad right for this mission is incredibly important as Waller gets people to get the job done.

Some of these choices aren’t even in Belle Reve.

Red Hood

First, it was Deadshot; then we had Bloodsport. Now it’s time for a new leader and Red Hood is the perfect person.

Trained by Batman as the second Robin, Jason Todd was murdered by the hand of the Joker. Six months later, he was resurrected by the Lazarus Pit and began training with the League of Assassins and All-Caste before returning to Gotham.

Under the new alias of Red Hood, and with his brand of lethal justice, Todd is the person to turn to if you want a Batman to cross the line.

For this reason, it makes perfect sense Red Hood would be the ideal character to take on Deathstroke.

Over the years, Red Hood has become a fan favourite and giving him the leading role will give the character the spotlight he deserves.


One of Jason Todd’s terms was Arsenal is his right-hand man.

Roy Harper was the sidekick to Green Arrow before an argument led to Oliver Queen firing the formerly nicknamed “speedy”. This prompted Roy to become a heroin addict and the spiral of depression and alcoholism to a grip following the death of Todd.

After attempted to commit suicide by fighting Killer Croc, once Croc figured out what was happening, Waylon Jones gave him a pep talk and helped Roy on his road to recovery, with Croc as his sponsor.

In this story, Todd’s return and his sponsorship help Roy get his life back on track but won’t return to crime-fighting, especially being a single father.

After years of pain, this will be Harper’s full redemption becoming the hero Oliver always saw in him and leader he didn’t know he could be.

King Shark

Like the comics and even The Suicide Squad, returning characters are a must! But not Bloodsport (working elsewhere) or Ratcatcher 2 (member of the Birds of Prey/living in Gotham). The one to return is King Shark because I want to see more of this cuddly, human-eating friend.

Killer Frost

Amazingly, we’ve had two Suicide Squad films, and still no Killer Frost! She has the potential to be a popular character with general audiences like Harley Quinn and Ratcatcher 2.

Caitlin Snow was a young and bright scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs but while on assignment in the Arctic Circle working on their Sustaining Thermodynamic Ultraconductor engine. Her colleague turned on her, revealing to be a member of H.I.V.E. and to keep the engine quiet, they locked Snow inside.

In a panic, Caitlin ripped the wires out of the engines coolant system leading to her infusing with the ice and went on to kill the H.I.V.E. agents.

I can see audiences adoring Snow because they’ll sympathise with her like Ratcatcher 2 & El Diablo.

Manchester Black

Every squad needs a douchebag; it was Captain Boomerang originally and then Peacemaker. This time it’s Manchester Black.

Little is known about the English native, so the director can create whatever backstory they like, but Black’s superpower is telekinesis and his dislike of superheroes (after looking up to them as a kid) believes the only way to end villainry is to kill.

He’s the squad member I want to give the Peacemaker effect to, in that a bad guy who stays that way until the end.

The Other Members

Count Vertigo: A member of the Vlatavan Royal Family and the power disorientate his enemies. He jumps at the chance to join Task Force X with the hopes of dying to end the screaming in his head.

Livewire: Considered by James Gunn, the shock jock became a powerful electrokinetic. Leslie Willis gained her powers climbing to the top of her radio station and getting hit by lightning. She’s a bit of a crap villain, but she wants to prove herself as a badass and Waller has uses for her.

Clock King: A random choice, but if you’re going into battle with a plan, timing is everything and you have a master in clock king. William Tockman is actually a dope villain and given the proper presentation, fans would dig him.

The Villain

Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke speaks for itself. It’s a character we should see more of on the big screen and an actor who deserves to reveal what’s he’s able to do.

With his military background and fighting style, Slade Wilson is the world’s greatest and deadliest assassin. We could have some of the best fight scenes in comic book movies against the likes of Red Hood and Arsenal, with who he’d have a history.

Also, Slade will be doing a lot of killing.

Rick Flag Sr

Flag Sr firmly believes Waller is the reason his son is dead and will stop at nothing to revenge the last thing that kept him alive and if killing her means dying himself, so be it.

What hurts more is this was a group he led during the Vietnam War with successful missions at the beginning before seeing the suffering they were doing, disbanded the group and returned to his young family.

Again, people understand where he’s coming from and Waller is once again the ultimate villain. Using Roy against Rick Sr, telling him a young girl will lose her father if he continues. Deathstroke kills Harper anyway before killing Flag as Amanda offered him a lot of money and the knowledge of finding his daughter.


King Shark, Red Hood and Killer Frost (along with Wilson & Waller) are the only Squad members to survive and return to their lives. Jason has new housemates in Nanaue and Caitlin, while the latter has the facilities to find her cure.

Post-Credits: Jason meets with Oliver and Dinah Lance (surprise cameo from Jurnee Smollett) and agrees that Roy’s daughter, Lian, needs a stable home and they’re in the best position to do so.

End Credits: Ending where it began in Jason’s favourite bar. No one is in beside a man in a booth, and on the bar are two glasses and a bottle of whiskey. Todd walks to the booth pouring the drinks and says “Bruce” hands the drink to Bruce Wayne (if possible Ben Affleck) and tells him “You need to shut down Task Force X”.


I’m not going to go into too much detail and try and give just one name.

The Returners

King Shark – Sylvester Stallone (voice)

Amanda Waller – Viola Davis

Deathstroke – Joe Manganiello

The Newbies

Jason Todd/Red Hood – Winston Duke – Duke was one of the best things to come out of Black Panther and will command the screen, bringing brutality and power to the fight scenes against Deathstroke.

Roy Harper/Arsenal – Nick Robinson – Once seen as a possible Spider-Man, Robinson has gotten older and grew as an actor. He could bring the inner battle and humour to Roy.

Caitlin Snow/ Killer Frost – Ella Balinska – Coming off Charlies Angel’s and with Run Sweetheart Run and the Resident Evil series in the pipeline, Balinska is a rising star that WB/DC should be attaching to join the DCEU, especially in a recurring role.

Manchester Black – Will Poulter – Black is a character who’s a pure dickhead who you want to punch and Poulter can play him wonderfully.

Count Vertigo – Alvaro Morte – Vertigo should be played by European and Morte is known for his role in Netflix’s popular series, Money Heist.

Livewire – Naomi Scott – The character has a lot of potential and for actress and filmmaker to play with and Scott is an incredible talent to bring the role to its fullest.

Clock King – Kelsey Grammer – Sophisticated and charming, Grammer is ideal to be a man with a brilliant calculating, strategic mind.

Rick Flag Sr – Stephen Lang – Honestly, he could easily be an older Slade Wilson if they wanted to. Lang is perfect to be the former military man and searching to get revenge for his son.

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