Michael B. Jordan Making Val-Zod Superman Project

It looks like Michael B. Jordan will be playing Superman after all as his production company Outlier Society are working with HBO Max to develop a Val-Zod series.

Collider broke the story state Outlier Society has hired a writer, whose identity is currently unknown, but Jordan will be producing and could be starring. However, though it’s not officially confirmed, it is more than likely to be starring as the lead.

If you have never heard of Val-Zod, he is the Superman of Earth-2 and was one of the last Kryptonians and the second to wear the Superman mantle. Val became an orphan following his parents’ execution by the Krypton high court and was found on Earth 2 by Terry Sloan, offering him asylum as protection from the outside world.

This is a brilliant idea that I could see being welcomed by everyone. Compared to what J.J. Abrams is doing on the film side with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates who are simply doing the lazy thing of racebending Kal-El/Clark Kent with this version being a black man.

It’s clear Jordan, who could easily play Kal-El in the upcoming film, isn’t interested in doing that and wanting to highlight a Black Superman and compared to Calvin Ellis, Val-Zod is the more interesting character.

The only reason why Abrams and WB are going with Kent is that he’s better known in pop culture, but 83 years in the world will do that. Additionally, splitting the two with Abrams being big screen and Jordan going to the streamer makes sure audiences don’t get confused.

Honestly, I hope Warner Bros and DC decide to push the Jordan project to go to theatres and quietly drop the Abrams project.

What will be interesting, although doubtful, is Matt Reeves The Batman is taking place in Earth 2 and with Val-Zod coming from the same earth in the comics, could we starting to see the beginnings of a new DCEU?

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