James Bond 60th Anniversary Wishlist

2022 will mark the 60th Anniversary of Dr. No coming out and began the longest-running film franchise turning James Bond into a worldwide hero.

We now know the logo Eon will use as an official logo and it looks great, classic. I hope we get some awesome announcements throughout the year, as we know some exciting things are in the pipeline.

We know a calendar and Anthony Horowitz will be releasing a third Bond book with the focus on 007 after the death of Scaramanga and returning to Jamaica to confront an old enemy.

Besides these, nothing else has been rumoured or revealed. Granted, we’re slightly over the middle of 2021, so we have another five months for things to be unveiled.

However, here’s what I’d like to happen to celebrate James Bond Diamond Anniversary. This would include the covers album I’ve mentioned previously. Click here to find out more.

4K Blu-ray 26 film Box Set

Besides No Time To Die releasing on home entertainment at the beginning of 2022, the most obvious is Eon releasing a brand new box set with the last one taking us up to Quantum of Solace, and it’s time for a new one.

Bond fans would be flocking to pick this up more to see the older films in 4K. If you go up to NTTD, it makes completist every happy.

They’ll have to sell on digital and new editions on Blu-ray/DVD. To make it worthwhile to those who have the most recent collection, add brand new documentaries. A round table with all the actors who have played Bond, a celebration of the Craig era, have every film introduced by a filmmaker, actor, celebrity talking about why they love the movie.

Additionally, with the passings of both Sir Roger Moore and Sir Sean Connery have two docs celebrating the legacy they left in the role.

More News On Project 007

I’m not saying IO Interactive will be releasing the game in 2022, it’s far too early for that (more likely mid/late 2023), but I do think next year will be a massive year for Project 007.

The news we hope to hear will come at E3, which will be more critical than the past two years as it’ll mark the return as an in-person event, and this game should be the headline everyone talks about once the gaming event comes to an end.

It would be great to get an official title, cast unveiling, release date, and a trailer and gameplay walkthrough. The final two will give insight into what people can expect story-wise, similar to the Gotham Knights reveal at DC Fandom.

As Bond fans, we’ll be buying this. Still, if the presentation blows both hardcore and casual gamers away becoming the most talked-about game (like Spider-Man: Miles Morales level). In that case, IO can leave very happy, and Eon can breathe easier knowing the franchise’s future will live on.

It’ll just come down to gameplay, reviews and limited DLCs, and I’d point to Spider-Man again as developers Insomniac gave you a lot of game for your money, but if you wanted more, you had the chance to do so.

Compared to Square Enix’s Avengers game, where it seems after lacklustre response and hype died in the first week, people were getting annoyed with the amount of DLC’s to make the game go further. However, I can’t talk too much as I’ve never played it, but that’s the vibe I get.

Amazon /MGM Deal Is Completed

This is more coincidence as the MGM/ Amazon deal should be completed in 2022 after going through the US courts.

However, this shouldn’t stop the heads of Amazon Studios and Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson sitting down and talking about the future again, making it clear James Bond adventures will continue to be theatrical releases, but maybe it’s time to go with some spin-offs.

As the Bond producers would’ve months of hearing the (hopefully) positive reaction to Nomi, she could continue her story as films or series. The same can be said of Naomie Harris’s Moneypenny.

These spin-offs would be a great experience for David G. Wilson, who I believe will replace his dad when he retires. He can learn from two incredible producers and continue the legacy of Eon being a family business.

Then at some point, probably weeks after the deal is completed, all Bond films will be available to watch on Prime Video.

Dr. No Back In Cinemas

It seems the easiest thing to do to celebrate 60 years of James Bond to re-release Dr. No and make it more special to have it come out on October 6, a Thursday, for the weekend.

It could even be the beginning of re-releasing classic films in the cinema with Eon doing an official vote. By the end, the top 10 favourite Bond films will be shown in cinemas worldwide.

It would be a way to make a little bit more money, despite the fact they don’t need it with the backing of Amazon coming their way.

A New Bond & Film Is Announced

Finally, the biggest and most important of them all is that Broccoli and Wilson will be focusing on the future while respecting the past.

While the producers do their best to have a film releasing on an anniversary, Die Another Day (40) and Skyfall (50) pushing the film back another year for no reason would kill any possible buzz.

So why not do the next best thing, have a press conference on the 007 Stage at Pinewood in front of the world’s press and live-streamed on Prime Video to unveil the new James Bond.

If possible, keep all the news in a locked vault and known to only the big bosses of Broccoli, Wilson, Amazon Studio heads, the actor and his agent. That would go for all the cast and even the director, if possible.

Every reveal could have its own social media reaction starting with the filmmaker and ending with the new 007 and the official title of the 26th James Bond film.

Additionally, if you make the announcement in May/June, they can state filming will begin in September for an Autumn/Winter 2023 release.

Then again, this is all a fans dream. In reality, we’ll probably get nothing special and it’ll just be the calendar and the book.

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