Sasha Calle Will Be Supergirl in The Flash

DC have found their Supergirl. As announced, Sasha Calle will be playing Superman’s cousin in the upcoming movie, The Flash.

Deadline broke the story and was followed by Flash director Andy Muschietti posting this incredibly heart-warming video.

26-year-old Calle is relatively new to the industry as her big break occurred in the American soap opera The Young and the Restless. Her performances have earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination.

This news is massive as the Boston born Colombian actress becomes the first Latina ever to play Supergirl beating out more than 425 actresses.

The report suggests Muschietti watched every audition and alongside DC Films boss Walter Hamada was hand-picked for the role after being blown away by the toughness and vulnerability the actress brought to Kara Zor-El.

Calle also took part in chemistry readings with Flash star Ezra Miller and will be flying to The Flash production (rumoured to be in WB’s Leavesden Studios) soon.

Muschietti stated, “I saw more than four hundred auditions. The talent pool was truly amazing and it was very hard to make a decision, but we finally found an actress who was destined to play this role.”

When this news broke, it was surprising as I always thought whenever WB/DC was going to bring in Supergirl, they’d try a get an A-lister or a well known up and comer to boost the character. The likes of Saoirse Ronan, Elle Fanning and even Samara Weaving came to mind.

However, after seeing the video, I’m rooting for Calle as I’m sure the studio is already giving her equipment to start training. We can’t downplay how important bringing in a Latina to play this iconic character for little girls in South America to have someone to look up to now.

It must’ve been important to Muschietti, who is Argentinan himself. Additionally, the fact he auditioned over 400 actresses, and Hamada was actively involved means Supergirl has a major role in the film. The chief of DC Films already has future movies planned.

The question now is whether Calle’s Supergirl is replacing Henry Cavill’s Superman or that we hopefully see them together in a film in the future?

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