Planning Out Henry Golding’s Five Film James Bond Series

In my Bond 26 fancast I gave some selection of filmmakers and I thought to continue this I’d write a synopsis’ to provide background to each film and the directors helming the projects.

As stated in the fancast, Henry Golding is my James Bond, and he’ll have a five-film contact. I’d return to the classic model of a film released every two years.

These will be structured to how I’d write reviews.

Bond 26

Directed By – Edgar Wright
Starring – Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, Karen Gillan, Ben Mendelsohn, Benedict Wong, Rachael Stirling, Bill Nighy, Julie Estelle, Samantha Win.

Following a terrorist attack at the wake of a former Prime Minister, MI6 bring in former Naval commander and 00 program rookie, James Bond (Golding) to investigate and eliminate Rolf Larsen (Mendelsohn). However, when Bond digs deeper things are not what they seem.

Screenplay By – Krysty Wilson-Cairns & Edgar Wright

Image via Edgar Wright’s Twitter

The reason by this pick is they’re have worked together for the upcoming Last Night in Soho (as someone who isn’t into horror is excited to see). By the looks on social media, the pair clearly had a great time and in Wilson-Cairns is an Oscar-nominated and BAFTA-winning writer.

Bond 27

Directed By – Patty Jenkins
Starring – Henry Golding, Karen Gillan, Benedict Wong, Cillian Murphy, Chris Pine, Luca Marinelli, Kate Beckinsale, Rachael Stirling, Bill Nighy

On a mission to stop a train cargo derailment carrying highly toxic chemical waste by Irish enforcer Niall Dunne (Murphy), James Bond (Golding) stops the rail but not the man.

Bond must investigate who was behind this attack and stop a second plan that will kill thousands, but he can’t do it alone and must work with CIA officer Felix Leiter (Chris Pine) to stop Dunne and the mysterious figure working behind the scenes.

Screenplay By – Steven Knight

Jenkins is one of the biggest name directors and would make perfect sense when Eon finally hires a female director that the Wonder Woman filmmaker would be the top choice.

She has also proven wonderfully she can be a team player with execs and can direct fantastic action.

What will help Jenkins (who I suspect is a Bond fan) and screenwriter Steven Knight this story is based on Jeffery Deaver’s James Bond novel Carte Blanche. Additionally, Knight is well known as the creator of Peaky Blinders and will get fans excited by his involvement.

Bond 28

Directed By – Zack Snyder
Starring – Henry Golding, Margot Robbie, Tom Hardy, Dave Bautista, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

James Bond (Golding) goes to New York City, but even a simple vacation is hard work for 007.

During a romantic dinner, an army of terrorists, led by their boss (Hardy) attack the hotel he’s staying in trapping him and everyone inside. Bond must fight his way up the hotel to reach the penthouse luckily he’s not doing it alone with the help of former NYPD inspector turned security consultant, Katherine Cowan (Robbie).

Screenplay By – Gareth Evans

I know a lot of people would prefer Evans over Snyder. However, no director in Hollywood can direct action like Zack Snyder.

It is always crisp, beautiful and heightens the brutality. Imagine how awesome it would be if we got something similar to the warehouse scene but with Bond.

Anyway, I chose Evans because he knows how to write a pure action script and with this being my grounded entry of the era (like Licence To Kill, Casino Royale, For Your Eyes Only).

Also, I want to see something different from the franchise and Bond in one location is something new but I’ll admit they’ll get a lot of Raid (doesn’t help I want Evans to write it) and Dredd comparisons.

Bond 29

Directed By – Steve McQueen
Starring – Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, Viola Davis, David Oyelowo, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Benedict Wong, Karen Gillan, Rachael Stirling, Bill Nighy, Samantha Win.

Image via Cindy Barrymore/REX/Shutterstock

MI6 and Bond finally found Wu Leong (Chan) in South Africa and why. It turns out Leong is close friends with president Lauren Dlamini (Davis) and wants to bring her nation into empire Leong’s building.

Bond is ordered to go to South Africa to find out what Leong is planning.

Screenplay By – Steve McQueen (but could see him working with others)

Having penned all five episodes of Small Axe and Widows, Oscar winner McQueen is the only one to write this story as it’ll be the most humanistic Bond film made.

As Bond is eight years as a 00 and the life is getting to him, he’s not as jokey or charming as he was in the trilogy. He’s become more bitter and harden with the mental and physical scarring has changed him. Bond is drinking more, unable to sleep and focus on revenge.

I would love to see the warm colours of the wilderness and the city’s coldness that McQueen brings beautifully to life. Additionally, the track shots and with the single shots focusing on Golding without anything said could see inside his mind.

Bond 30

Directed By – Lynne Ramsay
Starring – Henry Golding, Henry Cavill, Benedict Wong, Karen Gillan, Angourie Rice, Rachael Stirling, Bill Nighy

Following the events of Bond 29, James Bond (Golding) has been off the grid trying to found that happy life, but when he’s told M’s (Wong) step-daughter (Rice) and Moneypenny (Stirling) have been kidnapped, 007 returns leading the manhunt with his licence to kill.

Screenplay By – Lynne Ramsay (but could see him working with others)

This is You Were Never Really Here as a Bond movie. It would be the first-ever worldwide R-rated Bond (yes Licence to Kill was an R, but was edited to get PG-13) and be a violent, blood-curdling, nail-biting thriller.

I loved the film, Ramsay’s directorial style and how she handles the brutal action.

As for Cavill, he’d be the villain, and it’d be interesting to see the reaction because the character would be his version of Bond but twisted.

This would be Golding’s final outing as the British agent and could leave the story open-ended to for him to carry on in that world or have it be his last mission.

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