Ideas For Ted Lasso Season Two

As season two of the Apple TV hit show, Ted Lasso has begun filming it’s surprising we don’t have any hints as to what will be happening in the next ten episodes.

Image via Apple TV

We know for sure that AFC Richmond will be competing in the second tier of English football called The Championship, it will be a redemption arc and that Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) has hung up his boots.

So for a bit of fun here’s what I’d love to see pop up in Season Two.

A Pre-Season Match Against Tottenham

The opening episode of the new season should focus on Lasso building to a new season which includes a pre-season match. It should be a nod to the past as Jason Sudeikis premiered the character eight years ago with Tottenham the club to welcome him in.

Since then, as a promo for the show, Lasso chatted with current Spurs manager Jose Mourinho, so a full circle moment would be great to see.

New Signings

A new season means new signings, be it replacing the retired Kent or finding players to help AFC Richmond get back into the Premier League.

Image via Apple TV

The two new signings should be a striker as they never replaced Phil Dunster’s Jamie Tartt and despite the note and soldier coach Lasso I don’t see Tartt joining the club since he’s been a starter for Manchester City.

When it comes to Tartt, it might be more of a cameo as he becomes a more rounded player earning him an England call-up.

The other will be in midfield to replace Kent, and it would be great to see someone from Yorkshire join the club simply to see Lasso trying to understand him.

Kent Joins The Coaching Staff

Having now prepared for a new change and a great leader, I can see Lasso bringing in Kent into his coaching team with Nate the Great (Nick Mohammed) and Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt).

Image via Apple TV

It will be interesting to see Kent handle the change, the wanting to get on the pitch but the reality is different, and as proven last season Juno Temple’s Keeley Jones will be his fantastic rock.

However, throughout Kent grows in the role to the point I’d love to see him in the season finale be offered a manager/head coach role at another club.

Rebecca Welton Tells Rupert Mannion To Fuck Off

Throughout the season, especially in the second half, we saw the excellent Anthony Head show up as the biggest knobhead Rebecca’s ex-husband Rupert. Everytime he appears to have a hold of fear on his ex-wife played by Hannah Waddington.

On the other hand, we’ve seen Rebecca becoming more open and happier, admitting her awful plan to Ted, who forgave her and developed a strong friendship with Jones. Because of these relationships, we’ll see Rebecca finally letting that fear go and getting the upper hand on her prick of an ex-husband.

Ted Feels At Home At Richmond & England

The first season of Ted Lasso was very much a fish out of water, and while the American coach did somewhat settle in his new home coming towards the end, it did still feel like a stranger and be called wanker by the Richmond faithful.

Image via Apple TV

In the upcoming season being in the Championship will be a blessing as a team on the pitch have more than enough to create a winning streak and not only win promotion but win the title.

At which point the fans will get behind their coach and that moment they stop calling him wanker and chant his name will be a moment I’ll cry.

Additionally, if they’re able to mention a domestic cup run that’d be great because the FA Cup is a competition Lasso would love. There’s no draws/ties and the famous saying “the magic of the FA Cup” would have him excited.

Away from the pitch, Ted is now single, and it would be great to see if there’s something with Ellie Taylor’s Flo “Sassy’ Collins or just going on dates learning that experience having been married to his high school sweetheart.

It shouldn’t be the norm, but one date should feature a fellow American living in London played by Sarah Chalke.

Chalke played Elliot Reed in Bill Lawrence’s other highly popular show Scrubs. In that show did bring in stars from his other shows to cameo or as recurring characters and it’d be great to see one or two pop up here.

So these are some of the ideas for season two. If you’ve seen the show, what would you like to see? Let me know in the comments.

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