Wonder Woman 3 Hit List

It’s been two weeks since Wonder Woman 1984 was released in the UK and the fallout, especially on Twitter, has been honestly disgusting.

I think we can all agree Patty Jenkins’ sequel has some beautiful moments and in places misses the mark it just depends on if things worked or not.

Image via Clay Enos/ Warner Bros

I’m in the middle, it’s Gal Gadot’s best performance showcasing raw emotional talent (and that scene makes me cry), but the film overall is a step down to the original movie.

With all that said Jenkins is rightly coming back to finish her trilogy and here are some targets Warner Bros, DC Films chief Walter Hamada and the filmmaker herself should hit.

Either Bring Allan Heinberg Back Or Bring Greg Rucka In To Co-Write

One of the biggest things comparing Wonder Woman to 1984 is the differences in the script. I felt Heinberg’s screenplay and story (which he co-created with Zack Snyder) is stronger than Jenkins’s joint efforts with Dave Callaham and Geoff Johns.

I don’t see the whole fault landing on Jenkins. However, she does need to take some responsibility of a handful of creative choices, with Callaham also being the writer on Mortal Kombat, Shang-Chi and Spider-Verse 2. I see the story and script being more of a Geoff Johns issue.

So the pairing of Jenkins and Heinberg would be fantastic and end the trilogy full circle.

On the other hand, in recent years comic book writer Rucka has acclaimed run on the Amazonian warrior and has become a breakout screenwriter thanks to Netflix’s The Old Guard’s significant success.

He’s currently working on Heart of Stone, a spy movie led by Gadot and I could see, if their working relationship is great, Rucka coming in as co-writer.

Bring Damon Caro Back

A lot of you will never hear the name of Damon Caro before, but he was the 2nd Unit Director and Stunt Coordinator for the first Wonder Woman, as well as all of Zack Snyder’s projects since Dawn of the Dead, and you can miss his touch.

The action was reduced massively for 1984, and when it was on screen it didn’t feel the same. For example, I think the wirework when Diana is running would’ve looked better.

So with my ideas for the third film, Caro is needed.

Set It In The Modern Day

We’ve had two period pieces, and now it’s time to see Diana Prince in the modern day (hopefully post Zack Snyder’s Justice League wink wink) as we see her living and working in either London or Paris.

You can see her being happy in a new relationship, because we, as an audience, need to move on from Steve Trevor, with Trevor Barnes.

The Introduction Of Donna Troy

During the first act where Diana is living a happy life, we’re introduced to Donna Troy.

Troy tells her Themyscira is in danger of being attacked by the gods. The Amazons need her to return to protect their home and possibly the world.

The appearance of Troy signals WB/DC having plans for an HBO Max spin-off in the future.

As for casting, two names appeared at the top of my head.

First, Ella Balinska would be a cracking choice. She proved with Charlie’s Angels, she’s brilliant at action and has screen presence to catch the audience eye. The Brit would be a convincing Amazonian at her height of 5’11.

Additionally, she’s my choice for several roles at DC with Batgirl or Wonder Woman in Robert Pattinson’s Batman’s Earth-Two.

Following a massive 2020, the other name is Daisy Edgar-Jones as she’s an upcoming star after her breakout performance in Normal People.

Return To Themyscira

Image via Empire Magazine

The opening scene of 1984 was one of my favourite moments and made me more excited about the upcoming Amazon spin-off. At the same time, the island was beautifully brought to us in the first film.

It would be an interesting change to see Diana being a fish out of water in her homeland after 110+ years away. We can see (though I’m guessing we’ll get that in the Snyder Cut) how Paradise Island has changed.

This move would give Connie Nielson’s Queen Hippolyta a more prominent role. Some Amazonians can get more screen time like Ann Ogbomo’s General Philippus, who took over as Captain of the Royal Guards following Antiope’s death.

We can see bumping of heads between Diana and Philippus throughout the film as the General sees the Princess as a traitor for leaving her mother and home.

Ultimately, we should get have massive war movie set on Themyscira.

Circe And Hades Are The Main Villains

The attack on Themyscira is led by Greek Gods Circe and Hades.

Circe wants to lead a new era for the Amazons. Spreading their domination worldwide as revenge on humanity for forgetting the gods existed or were simply myths.

Meanwhile, she issues a deal with Hades in exchange for an army to attack the Island and win the war, Themyscira can be his new home to unleash terror on mankind.

For casting, Eva Green has been a fan favourite for years to be Circe, but I like the idea the Geek Gods are all British thespian actors alongside David Thewlis’ Ares.

So my top two picks would be Rosamund Pike because she can play villainous wonderfully and the other being Naomie Harris because I think she’d deliver an Ewan McGregor/Michael Shannon top tier villain performance.

The “twist” would come with Hades as we (with Diana) is surprised to see Trevor on Themyscira and with Wonder Woman’s help convinces the Amazons he’s not a threat. Yet once Circe opens the gates to the underworld, Trevor reveals his true colours as Hades.

The only man I have in mind for Trevor/Hades is David Oyelowo because he can be the charming American who sweeps Diana off her feet and can become an intimating villain with his British Shakespearian voice.

The other surprise for the epic battle scene is Wright’s General Antiope leading the undead army, forcing Hippolyta to kill her sister.

The Ending

This is less of a target, but an idea for the ending.

Queen Hippolyta dies, leaving us with two possible leaders of the Amazons. The obvious choice is being the daughter of Hippolyta, Diana steps up to be Queen of Themyscira.

This would lead to Diana dropping the Wonder Woman mantle and pass the legacy to Troy to be the defender of man, which would be the story for the HBO Max spin-off.

Elsewhere, they could follow the comics and Philippus takes over with the blessing of both the people and Diana to become the first Chancellor of Themyscira.

Her first act as a leader and because she blames Diana for bringing Hades to her island and their Queen’s death.

For this treason, Philippus banishes Diana from ever returning, and she does it will be seen as an act of war and will be killed.

In which case, Donna decides she can’t stay on the island anymore and joins Diana, which sets off her own adventure, global trotting as a spy for the HBO Max spin-off. This would be a superhero Atomic Blonde or Bond where she takes down dictatorships and terrorists.

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