For Better or Worst We’re Getting a Live-Action Spider-Verse Movie

Marvel Studios seemingly find new ways to annoy me when it comes to their continue dropping of the ball when handling Spider-Man.

As not only are they content on ballsing up their own franchise (nothing to do with Tom Holland, who would be great if given anything decent) they also what to screw up the iconic Sam Raimi trilogy & Andrew Garfield’s wonderful Spider-Man.

Yesterday it was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter that Alfred Molina is returning as Doc Ock, a character he made his own and is an important reason why Spider-Man 2 is regarding as one of the greatest comic book movies ever made.

A few minutes/hours later, Collider followed this news by reporting Garfield, Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst are all returning as their characters in what is now for all sense of purpose a live-action Spider-Verse film.

They added negotiations with OG live-action Spidey Tobey Maguire are ongoing, but making that happen a significant number will need to be placed.

I want to set aside my rage for a second because if true, I hope this is the closer Garfield can have with a character he has loved this the age of three and was handed so incredibly poorly by the bosses at Sony and Avi Arad.

Additionally, even though she’s dead, see Stone come back as Gwen Stacey and as I will predict Spider-Gwen will be an incredibly awesome moment and if it was in the right hands a heartbreaking one.

Just imagine Andrew’s Peter getting another chance to see an identical Gwen, a girl he loved and failed to save. Yet, this Gwen doesn’t know this Peter and ignores him.

As I say in the right hands, it would be beautiful and emotional. However, this is the MCU and Jon Watt, so I expect a crap quippy joke.

Now let me get to the reason why this is a terrible, awful idea, and I have zero confidence in those behind the sense to handle it well.

  1. This will no doubt take away from the specialness of 2018’s Spider-Verse. I can imagine Marvel Studios, Sony, Kevin Feige saw the love the film got and thought “we need a Civil War/ Infifity War/Endgame level event, let’s do a live action Spider-Verse!”

The reason why Spider-Verse works and is one of the best CBM is that it wasn’t about seeing different versions of Spidey’s, the groundbreaking animation or Jake Johnson’s outstanding work as a middle-aged Peter Parker.

The film worked because it made me care about Miles Morales. A character I knew little about going in and by the end left with the biggest smile, warmest heart and excited to see the progression in Miles in more movies. We saw a boy transform into a hero. It is a coming of age story dressed in a superhero story.

It did more in 2 hours then what the MCU has done in five films.

2. Why bring back Doc Ock when he was never a villain in the first place.

I know what’s going to happen, Molina is going to come back from the dead with the use of magic and will be painted as evil, even though he never was.

Raimi’s Doc Ock is a smart, kind, loving family man. A man Peter looks up to as a mention and father figure. A man he looks up to who has the perfect life of both science and a loving relationship. A man we see Peter Parker trying to save with love and empathy. Doc Ock dies in Spider-Man 2 by saving New York saying “I will not die a monster”.

This is why it makes so little sense to bring back Molina.

3. Give Tom Holland a chance to lead a good Spider-Man movie.

In both Homecoming and Far From Home, Holland hasn’t been given the story or script to deliver as this character. It’s annoying because the British actor is one of the best young actors working and would kill it in emotional scenes.

FFH should’ve always started right after Aunt May finds out about Peter being Spider-Man. We could’ve seen an incredibly emotional opening of the pair talking May heartbroken because she’s lost Ben and doesn’t want to lose Peter and he’s just a kid and shouldn’t have to save the day.

The theme of FFH should always have been about Peter’s scrambled head of coming back from the dead and then losing his mentor in a selfless act. Instead, Endgame is treated as a joke, and Peter moves on super quick to want to be in a relationship with MJ.

Now with this Spider-Verse movie, he’s becoming the least important thing about the film he’s supposed to be leading.

In the hands of a Raimi, I would be more excited because it would be about the story. While I simply don’t trust director Jon Watts or Feige to do a good job because they haven’t done it to this point.

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