Wonder Woman 1984 Is The Xmas Present The World Needs

It’s not the move Warner Bros or Patty Jenkins wanted to make, but after an utterly shitty year, they have decided Wonder Woman 1984 is the perfect Christmas present. It will be released on December 25 in cinemas and HBO Max.

Meanwhile, WB will be opening Internationally on December 16.

In a statement released last night, director Jenkins (must’ve been made through greeted teeth) that even though it’s not her first choice or even one of many, it came to the point sharing the love and joy of this movie will bring happiness during the holiday season.

Through the filmmaker continues to stress to is it in the theatre (where possible and feeling safe) to get the best experience. Additionally, in reply to a fan question state they plan “to hold it in theaters for quite a long time.”

Plus, a plan to have private screenings are local cinemas.

What this news has done is give a massive boost to the cinema industry because Internationally and many people in the US will go to theatres to support. It’ll be the only film on the big screen so multiple showings will happen.

The hope is this could be the start of a snowball effect in cinemas with now studios releasing titles in probably the same manner and get the industry running again to have a decent spring/summer 2021 hopefully.

This was what WB and Chris Nolan tried to do with Tenet back in the summer, and nobody backed them up, but now it’s time for Wonder Woman to take the lead.

I could see Disney announcing similar releases for Fox Studio flicks Free Guy and Death On The Nile and their massive MCU movie, Black Widow.

However, while Digital Spy state the film will come out a week before the US, when I tweeted my local indie cinema they’ve been told there’s no official word on the UK plans.

The question will be around streaming rights since HBO Max isn’t available worldwide so it might be an exclusive right up for grabs for a decent price.

I can’t wait to see this movie in the cinema, hopefully when Lockdown 2 comes to an end on December 2, and support my local.

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