Cineworld Are Closing Their Doors Following Stupidity Of No Time To Die Delay

Following the awful decision by Universal and MGM to delay the release of No Time To Die, the 25th James Bond movie, until April 2021. Cinema chain Cineworld has confirmed they’re closing all their UK cinemas from Thursday 8th October.

These include their Picturehouse cinemas and Regal cinemas in the US. Not only that but it’s been reported Odeon could be turning to weekend only openings leading to thousands for people sadly losing their jobs.

It’s getting to a real point we could be coming to the end of the cinema experience, but it doesn’t have to be if studios came out and supported their industry.

Studio’s and people will point to the box office of Tenet, but realistic the Christopher Nolan film can be looked like a mild success having just made over $300 million worldwide during a pandemic.

Now imagine that happening with recognisable IP like Bond and Wonder Woman 1984 and throw in Dune for book readers, film fans and the trailer would be played in front of the other two to build interest in the sci-fi epic.

People worldwide would begin to return as the sense of normality slowly takes shape, and if you still don’t feel comfortable, then that’s understandable and wait it out.

It hasn’t helped with the government imposing these crap rules considering cinemas are probably the cleanest place you can go alongside the pubs/restaurants and gyms.

However, for everyone else with these IPs (forgot to add Pixar’s Soul) then cinemas would have a fighting chance to remain open to enjoy the benefits of an incredible 2021 fully.

All of which look like they’re heading somehow into cinemas in 2021 or in the case of Soul landing on Disney+.

The reason for these delays is because of the US domestic box office, in which Tenet flopped. However, I do see it getting a special re-release in 2021. The fact they continue to balls it up with the pandemic, it’s understandable Warner Bros would wait when it comes to something major like WW84.

When it comes to Bond, it’s ever been a dominate US box office smash, the only one being Skyfall, and the franchise has always been a bigger success worldwide. Which makes it more baffling Universal/MGM have taken this route and not the Tenet-esque scattered release.

Furthermore, there’s been a significant push in recent weeks with a new trailer, ads and even a podcast! I hope The Hollywood Reporter or Variety have done some digging to learn the reason behind the latest delay.

Finally, I hope producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have seen the negative replication over the weekend for the delay and force Universal/ MGM to change their minds.

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