A Suicide Squad Game In The Works At Rocksteady

I don’t report on game news, ever. However, yesterday (before the Michael Keaton news) DC continued it’s dominance on the news feed as it’s been reported a Suicide Squad game could be in the works.

Eurogamer is reporting Rocksteady, the studio behind the fantastic Batman Arkham Asylum games, are working on another DC property this time centred around Suicide Squad.

Image via Rocksteady

It comes after a domain name popped up called SuicideSquadKillTheJusticeLeague.com being a contender for the game’s final title and a decent hint to what to expect from the Rocksteady DC project.

Two other domains were registered to be SuicideSquadGame.com and GothamKinghtsGame.com.

The latter is a reference to the Batman game under development at Batman Arkham Origins studio Warner Bros Montreal. Gotham Knights has been repeatedly hyped on social media with many Court of Owls hints for over a year now.

Since Rocksteady’s last big project – Batman: Arkham Knight – fans have been speculating what the developers would be working on next. Teases in the five-year-old game pointed towards a possible Superman follow-up project, though Eurogamer state Suicide Squad was set for years to be Rocksteady’s next game.

Both projects will likely be announced at the DC FanDome event, but little will be shown as both are currently in development for the next-gen consoles. Though I hope for a Spider-Man: Miles Morales tease to fans to go crazy.

While I’d love to see a Rocksteady Superman game, I’m just as excited to see them handle Suicide Squad. For the developers themselves, it makes plenty of sense for the online and the RPG gameplay alone.

I hope for those of us who play games the old school way without internet we’ll be able to play normally like Spider-Man or Star Wars: Fallen Order because I’d love to play as Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang etc.

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