Interviews From The Past: Chris McKay

Back in 2017, during the height of The LEGO BatmanMovie getting released, I was incredibly lucky to sit down via Skype and talk to the legend, Chris McKay.

We talked all things LEGO Batman and when I interviewed the filmmaker hinting he should’ve directed The Flash movie and a couple of weeks later news of Nightwing movie was in development.

We talked about his movie before hit came the hit it deserved to be as well as music and the 1981 Sylvester Stallon movie, Nighthawks. Additionally, he gave me an exclusive about The LEGO Movie 2.

McKay is a busy man as he’s currently working on the Chris Pratt led The Tomorrow War for Paramount Pictures and is still slated to helm a Jonny Quest movie at Warner Bros.

Anyway, this was for my old blog – The Shaun Wren Blog – and thought it was time to share it once again.

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