Henry Cavill Could Be Returning As Superman

Following last week’s wonderful news of Zack Snyder getting to release his Justice League, it looks like Warner Bros are getting more open about Henry Cavill’s Superman returning.

Deadline is reporting Cavill is in talks with the studio about reprising his role as the Man of Steel. It must be stressed this isn’t an announcement of a sequel to the criminally underrated 2013 movie.

Instead, the British actor is likely to be donning the red cape in cameo appearances in other DCEU films with eyes on the likes of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, Shazam 2 and Aquaman 2, which will begin prepping production once COVID-19 safety restrictions are lifted.

While this isn’t what fans want and what I want, but it could be seen as another step in the right direction. First, it was Cavill appearing in the Man of Steel live stream and was present for the Snyder Cut reveal.

Image via Warner Bros

We know Superman made an appearance at the end of Shazam, without Cavill’s head, so it makes perfect sense for the man of steel to have a supporting role in Zachary Levi sequel as a mentor to Billy Batson. Additionally, I’d love to see what David Sandberg would do with the DC Comics icon.

Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cavill made a surprise mid/post-credit appearance in Black Adam given he has the same agent as Johnson.

Finally, due to his cameo on the last week’s live stream, it could mean Cavill has signed a new deal with WB and that a Man of Steel sequel is in the near future, but the studio wants to re-introduce him. Despite the fact Cavill was trending on Twitter and Superman is the most iconic superhero ever.

Once the announcement of the sequel is coming, Warner Bros should expect a similar outpouring of love and celebrations to the Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Honestly, I’d keep that info under strict higher levels at the studio, Cavill and his agent until they announce it at SDCC.

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