Matt Revees Unveils The Batman’s Batmobile

Minutes after the disappointing news of No Time To Die, Batman comes to the rescue with Matt Reeves unveiling the first look at Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile.

This news got fans excited blowing up Twitter including the likes of the king of nerdom Kevin Smith, Catwoman herself Zoe Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Elijah Wood, fellow DC Films director James Gunn and even an English MP.

You can see why! The car is utterly beautiful and in the continuation for the Gotham Reeves is building in this film. As the rumour of this is Bruce Wayne in this second year of crime-fighting, it’s a vehicle he would’ve used.

Image via Matt Reeves Twitter

The car itself is a mixture of inspiration from a 70s Mustang, golden age comics, Batman: The Animated Series, Neal Adams design. Once again Reeves has returned his childhood by bringing in George Barris/Adam West’s batmobile.

Neal Adams Batmobile

The car wouldn’t be out of place in a Fast and Furious movie as well.

It’s a refreshing look at the batmobile after Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder lend towards a tank version. It’s something Bruce or Alfred can maintain or at the least we could see Batman go to his private mechanic.

This would make more sense as I would like to see Bruce not being brilliant at everything and whenever his batmobile gets smashed up he takes it to his mechanic, just like the 1993 BTAS episode, and we get introduced to Earl Cooper.

What if his car isn’t designed by Bruce or Alfred but by Earl himself?

You wouldn’t have to do much explaining. If you did use history the animated series, Earl was a top engineer at Global Motors (clearly a nod to General Motors) before quitting and got blacklisted as a whistleblower and Batman changed his life by offering him to build his new car.

Image via Matt Reeves Twitter

I think the nod to Earl would be fantastic. It would fly over plenty of audiences heads but a nice easter egg for fans of the animated series.

Finally, this reveal means they’re about to use it in public, and we’ll be able to hear what the engine sounds like. Now we wait until Reeves reveals the first looks of Catwoman, The Riddler, Penguin, Alfred and Jim Gordon.

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