A Major WWE PPV Could Be Coming To The UK

The UK has been a significant stable for WWE with the main roster appearing in Britain twice a year but the last time Vince McMahon’s promotion brought a major Pay-Per-View was in 1992 when Wembley hosted SummerSlam.

However, that’s about to change, as according to The Sun(?) WWE are planning to bring one of the top four PPV’s with the newspaper understanding it’ll be either WrestleMania or SummerSlam will be coming.

Talks have been going for year’s, but the reason for this recent boost is due to the company’s move to BT Sport. The broadcaster has gotten off to a great start pushing it as a mainstream sport in the UK.

It helps that NXT UK has been a massive success and then add Drew McIntyre won this year’s Royal Rumble becoming the first Brit to do so and will be going into the main event of WrestleMania.

Image via WWE

I think if Vince and co were to bring a top four PPV, it’d be a massive success. This is solely down to our crowds, and even with fans travelling from around the world, they’d be something unique with our chants that’d boost the atmosphere of the show.

I’d love to see the UK get the big show WrestleMania as that whole weekend would be mega with the amount of wrestling that’d be on. I can image Progress, ICW and Rev Pro having shows, Joey Janela’s Spring Break and many others having wrestling around Wembley and London.

Elsewhere, it’d be the weekend of World’s Collide as NXT takes on NXT UK. Then you have the post-Raw Mania show that always gets massive pop.

Despite the hopes and wishes, I don’t see it happening. The likelihood is SummerSlam in 2022 as they can work with the 30th anniversary and if we have a beautiful day Wembley roof will be open and be another throwback.

Image via The Mirror

Whatever show comes to Wembley, it’d break records beating the 80,000 in 1992 due to now being 90,000 seater stadium and make WWE, London and the UK government so much money.

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