Shock Horror Sony Loses Another Director For Uncharted

It’s the final day of 2019 and Sony decided to end it by, shock horror, losing another director to the seemingly never-ending story of the Uncharted movie.

Deadline was the first break the news that Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings and Bumblebee) has followed in a long line of filmmakers and left the video game based movie.

This time around the issue is down to Tom Holland’s schedule for Spider-Man as production for the MCU movie is clashing with Uncharted and resulted in Knight leaving.

What makes this even crazier is this film was seriously close to starting production they already had Mark Wahlberg attached as Sally (the irony being he was previously going to be the lead years ago) with Variety’s Justin Kroll stated were close to announcing their villain and held talent testing opposite Holland.

While Kroll is right and is good news for Spider-Man, but should it as it’s got to this point should Sony be looking at either dropping Holland for someone like Nick Robinson or scrap the young Nathan Drake idea and return to an older Drake.

Sony’s loyalty to Holland and Marvel has killed the idea of Uncharted was going to be any good and they had a chance especially with Knight at the helm.

So what to do next? Honestly, in the new year scrap this prequel to the Uncharted games idea, bring back Knight right away because Warner Bros/DC and Marvel will be looking to bring him on board, return to the older Drake that work alongside the games and finally place Oscar Isaac in the lead.

Isaac has proven with the Star Wars trilogy or any other role he has fantastic screen presences and has the humour that matches Drake.

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