Jonah Hill Being Looked At As Either The Penguin or The Riddler In The Batman

If the Jeffrey Wright news wasn’t big enough, things got even bigger as Matt Reeves has seemingly found his first actor to be one of the multiple villains to go toe-to-toe against Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

Variety is reporting Warner Bros have been wanting Hill for a while but had to keep them on hold as they filled the important role of Batman and now have a couple of hurdles to jump.

The biggest one is money as it likely the two time Academy Award nominee would want to pay decently with some numbers been thrown out, but the studio will want to drop them to make sure their lead star Pattinson is the highest-paid.

The other issue is what villainous role to play. As two have come in the forefront and it’s looking like it’s a choice between The Penguin or The Riddler.

Hill would be incredible in either role and could make Riddler his own (and make everyone forget about Jim Carrey) and not having to worry about having to match/best Danny Devito’s portrayal in Batman Returns.

I actually think he’d be a fantastic Penguin as if you watch War Dogs you can see the way he could play Oswald Cobblepot, despite the fact I still want Brian Tyree Henry in the role.

Finally, sources have told Variety that the deal could still full thorough, but talks are ongoing.

Pre-production on The Batman looks to be in motion as Reeves is in London with filming start either late 2019 or early 2020.

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