No Time To Die – Who Should Sing The Bond Theme?

As filming continues and rumour is we could see the first official trailer of No Time To Die in the first few days of October as either attached to Joker on the fourth or James Bond Day the day later.

The important question I’ve had since the announcement of the 25th Bond film is, who’s going to sing the theme?

As the two previous songs, Adele’s Skyfall and Sam Smith’s theme for Spectre Writing’s on the Wall have won Oscars. So the pressure is on for the next artist/band to have their shot.

Additionally, while the buzz is around Ed Sheeran, I ultimately don’t see it happening as Bond themes are one of two genres, big orchestral sound like for Skyfall and Spectre or rock-like Chris Cornell’s criminally underrated You Know My Name from Casino Royale.

Here are The Bear Cave’s picks who could/should be in the running to sing the No Time To Die theme.

Dua Lipa

The 24-year-old Brit will likely be on the top of EON’s list as she’d bring in the younger demographic on both sides of the Atlantic and make them interested in seeing the film.

Image via Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock

Lipa’s voice and sound could bring something different especially if they included a big orchestral sound behind her and would probably be an Oscar contender.

Elton John

A legend in music with some of the catchiest pop songs and powerful ballads. It’s crazy to think John hasn’t recorded a theme in previous decades, especially during the Roger Moore era.

So what a perfect way to end the Daniel Craig era with one of the world’s greatest musicians.

Image via imageSPACE/REX/Shutterstock

Foo Fighters

The American rock band are my personal favourites for this theme as Cornell proved a rock sound could be badass and having a band as popular as the Foos would be incredible.

Image via Reading Festival

Grohl’s voice has so much gravitas that it would set the tone to the rest of the film.

Lewis Capaldi

The Scottish newcomer has taken 2019 by storm dominating the charts with his power ballads and could be possible that the EON producers would want to take advantage of the present success.

The only downside is that he could be in the same boat as Sheeran.

Lana Del Rey & Jorja Smith

Collaborations on Bond themes are rare and in the Craig era we’re seen one with Alicia Keys and Jack White and sadly it didn’t work. It never meshed well.

This is the biggest issue for collaborations, I feel like most of the time they need to be similar in genre and styles.

Which is why I believe if you brought in the American singer-songwriter Rey, whose voice is cinematic and has this old fashion style to her music and could be argued she should be doing it herself.

Image via David Brendan Hall

However, the reason I added the British singer-songwriter Smith is what she said to The Official Big Top 40 (via NME) that she wrote a fake theme while adding “yeah I’d love to write a Bond song.”

Adding “I like writing cinematic things. Things for films. I always imagine movies in my head sometimes when I’m writing songs.”

So if they brought together the cinematic power of Rey and the talent and equally power voice of Smith with an orchestra behind them it could be incredible.

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