Spider-Man’s Future Is Exciting And Bright At Sony

One of the biggest film news stories broke last night as major US trades confirmed that Spider-Man is leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe after parent company Sony and step-parent company Disney couldn’t agree to a new deal.

Read Deadline’s story (as they broke the news first), The Hollywood Reporter (for more context) and Variety (to give you that little bit of hope) as basically it centres around Disney got too greedy, surprising I know, and Sony, with their Oscar in one hand and the Venom box office receipts in the other, simply telling them to jog on.

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This lead to MCU fanboys and one grown-ass man’s, funny but incredibly sad, meltdown.

Everyone is seemingly forgetting Spider-Man is still a Sony own character and can do whatever they like and Disney gave them a shit offer but this is the mighty Mouse House and they do no wrong.

When this news was announced I couldn’t stop smiling because this is something that needed to happen that despite making a billion dollars, Far From Home is utter shit and now have the chance to make Tom Holland’s Spider-Man the best in live-action.

Because outraged fans seem to forget Sony have got a decent track record when it came to these movies.

Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2 are considered the best live-action adaptions of the character, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is seen as one of/ the best Spider-Man movie ever and won the Oscar, Venom (while not doing great with critics) scored nearly 900 million dollars at the box office without Spider-Man.

Even when the films aren’t at their best they all make north of 700 million dollars way before Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige showed up.

Additionally, Sony Playstation released the best Spider-Man story last year on the PS4.

However, now it’s time for Sony to show why it’s best that he came home and here are some ideas.

Announce Lord & Miller As Overseers Of The Creative Planning

Image via Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

After smashing it with Spider-Verse, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are overseeing several TV shows within the Spideyverse but why not bring them in to see over the creative side in the movies.

They clearly shown they know the character and will be able to work with director Jon Watts to move the story forward to a brighter future.

This would include spin-offs and the main arc for the web-slinger.

Strip Away Any Connection To The MCU

This will be a difficult storytelling thing to do as they’ll to create the perfect exit without hurting the film and future planning.

But once they do they won’t have to deal the bs that comes from being in a larger universe, he won’t have to be mini Iron Man, his villains can be connected to only him, his identity will still be secret and Peter Parker can simply be your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Image via Sony Pictures

The Strong Base Stays

In Watts and Star Tom Holland the two upcoming follow-ups have a strong start to help usher the disconnecting from the MCU.

With Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon and Tony Revolori among other supporting casts. The foundations are already built and now Sony can give Watts some creative freedom that he probably didn’t get under Feige and Marvel.

Meanwhile, I’d seriously think of bringing in Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacy when Holland’s Peter moves to college.

Image via Boss Logic

Introduce Holland’s Parker In Post Credit Scene

If the deal is officially dead then Sony should announce the next web-swinging story will hit theatres in Summer 2021.

This will give both Daniel Espinosa and Andy Serkis plenty of time talking to Watts and Lord and Miller to bring in Holland for a day to film back-to-back post-credit scenes for both Morbius and Venom 2.

Image via Sony Pictures

Use Holland’s Spider-Man To Introduce Miles Morales

The endgame for Sony is to give Holland’s spidey an arc similar to Harry Potter (like what Feige and Marvel had in mind) and we can watch this Parker grow-up and the final movies should be a passing of the touch to introduce a live-action Miles Morales.

Image via Sony Pictures Animation’

The future is bright for Spider-Man at Sony both in live-action and animated with Spider-Verse.

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