Should The Wizarding World Have A Teen Sex Comedy?

Recently I’ve been watching American Pie 1 & 2 and it was a nice surprise that those films still bring me joy, 20 years since the release of the original film’s and are now classic teen sex comedies.

This got me thinking about how this genre could embed itself within a new genre or franchise. Marvel and DC, there aren’t any characters that I could think of or that studios would green light. For example, I can’t see Disney/Marvel/ Sony entertain the idea of wanting to see college-bound Peter Parker getting horny.

Then I couldn’t think of a DC character, as I don’t see any of them in that sort of genre, maybe Batgirl?

Anyway, this led me to think of something so different that it could actually work and expand the franchise and that’s having a teen sex comedy inside The Wizarding World.

This wouldn’t involve anyone from the Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts books, only as Easter eggs as a nod to JK Rowling’s world and for fans to get excited to search for them.

Speaking of the fans, a lot of them are adults now having grown up with them or got introduce to them years ago and are in college/University. It seemed right that this would be aimed at those because this would a rated R film. Also, it’d be something different Warner Bros could try or if they had a smaller budget then it could be a New Line release.

As for the Easter eggs, Harry Potter, Voldemort in history books, there’s a portrait of Richard Harris’ Professor Dumbledore and I’m sure JK would help fill in more gaps as a consultant.

So this would be set years later in the future and the students would be in their seventh and final year at Hogwarts as they sit their N.E.W.T exams and head into the real world.

These students would be seventeen and eighteen, the film itself would focus on characters who are eighteen. We’ll see them partying, drinking, taking drugs and having sex and using magic to get the best results in all.

They could create or learn spells and potions to get the best high, have crazy sex and get utterly smashed.

Basically, this would be American Pie meets Harry Potter.

In that case, I’m going to use the characters from American Pie when describing potential fancasts in this film.

Director – Kay Cannon

I’ve been a fan of Cannon since her first directed feature the brilliant comedy Blockers.

Even though she didn’t write the script for the 2018 teen sex comedy, she does have experience as a screenwriter for comedy series 30 Rock, New Girl and wrote the script for Pitch Perfect 2 & 3.

The filmmaker is now working on Cinderella and think she’d give new life into a world that’s been dominated by JK Rowling and director David Yates and has become stall.

If for whatever reason isn’t in the director’s chair, it should still be Cannon’s script.

Jim-type Character – Alex Lawther

This would be the lead. The loveable loser, the realistic version of a teenage boy as everything he does seemingly goes wrong and we root for him to finally get laid.

If it wasn’t for Sex Education, Asa Butterfield would be the top choice, but now if he did this alongside the Netflix series it becoming a typecast role for the young actor.

However, another actor came to mind in Alex Lawther. He’s known for his role in the Black Mirror episode and was brilliant in The End Of The Fucking World.

Kevin-type Character – Charlie Rowe

Kevin is Jim’s best friend and more confident of the two. The one who’s probably friends with both the popular kids and losers. He’ll also be in a happy relationship.

The one that normally comes up with the ideas.

The reason I chose Charlie Rowe is that he looks like would be the type of person who would be friends with everyone and could be on the rise as his latest role is in the Elton John biopic, Rocketman.

Chris “Oz” Ostreicher-type Character – Devon Terrell

Oz is the jock of the group, an easy-going lacrosse player and was lying about his success with women, but more successful than his fellow friends, Jim, Kev and Finch.

He found his softer side following a bad experience with a college girl and joined the school jazz choir where he met Heather and grown as a man.

After receiving praise of his performance in Barry, Aussie actor Terrell is incredibly handsome and yet would be able to find his sensitive side. This character would be the star of the quidditch team and likely World Cup candidate.

Finch-type Character – Georgina Campbell

Paul Finch was only known by his surname and the intellectual and philosophical member of the wolfpack.

He’s the nice guy of the group and treated everyone the same.

I think of this film, I’d actually see the character as a gender swap and sleeps with the DILF of the film.

Campbell is having a decent career, especially on TV. Winning a BAFTA in 2015 for her gripping performance Murdered by My Boyfriend and is Lyta-Zod (General Zod’s mother) in Krypton and also starred in the third series of Broadchurch.

Stifler-type Character – Alex Murphy

Similar to Finch, Steve Stifler is known only as his surname and is the party animal, stereotypical jock character and knows the members of the wolfpack due to his friendship with lacrosse teammate Ostreicher.

In many ways, he’s the prick you have to tolerate because he hosts the best parties, but enjoy seeing him getting pissed on or drinking a beer with added flavour.

I’d find it interesting if this time around the films “Stifler” was gay. Someone who continuously hook-up with multiple men and is equally an important quidditch player.

Murphy has got critical success thanks to The Young Offenders, first as film and a series on BBC Three and could easily bring the humour to the character.

Saoirse-Monica Jackson

There has to be a role of Jackson.

She’s one of the upcoming actresses as the 24-year-old is the leading face of the fantastic sitcom Derry Girls, a comedy that will only get bigger and more successful once more eyes in the US watch it.

I think a film like this would be the next step and think she’d be a great addition to the cast, maybe as a Michelle (the band geek) type character.

Geraldine Viswanathan


Similar Jackson, there’s got to find something for Viswanathan.

The 23-year-old had her big break as Kayla in Cannon’s directorial debut Blockers and was one of the standouts of the film and the character could easily have an English, Australian or American.

The actress was also brilliant Netflix film The Package and set to star opposite Hugh Jackson and Allison Janney in comedy/drama Bad Education.

There would still be plenty of roles to fill and I would have the “Stifler’s mom” with the DILF kept quiet. Oddly enough, due to recent pictures would’ve gone with Jude Law but he’s young Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts series.

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