Wonder Woman: Bloodlines – ★★★✩✩

Certificate – 12
Directed By –Sam Liu & Justin Copeland
Starring (Voiced By) – Rosario Dawson, Jeffrey Donovan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Adrienne Moore, Kimberly Brooks, Cree Summer, Nia Vardalos, Mozhan Marnò, Courtenay Taylor, Constance Zimmer.
Running Time – 83 Minutes (1 Hour 23 Minutes)

Wonder Woman is a major part of the DC Animated movies when it comes to the current New 52 timeline a lot of these movies take place. However, unacceptably it’s been 10 years since we got a solo Wonder Woman lead film.

Image via DC Entertainment

It’s mental to think considering she is a major part of the trinity and features in Justice League films and a cameo in the fantastic Death of Superman two-parter.

So I’m excited that Dawson is taking centre stage and kicking ass.

What Is Wonder Woman: Bloodlines About?

Once Diana of Themyscira (Dawson) chooses to save fighter pilot Steve Trevor (Donovan) and returns him home to America. She leads a life of ambassador and protector of Earth taking the name Wonder Woman.

She makes it her life mission to help a troubled young girl enlisted by a deadly organisation known as Villainy, Inc. Who have their sights on invading Themyscira and Diana with her past.

Is It Any Good?

There is a lot to like about this film.

It’s great to see an actress of Dawson to finally showcase her skills and expand with his character instead of being part of a collective. I seriously hope this is the start for Warner Bros Animation and DC to give her a trilogy.

Image via DC Entertainment

The action and fight scenes are some of the best I’ve seen in these movies, especially between Wonder Woman and Cheetah having both these bruisers go toe-to-toe and I would’ve loved to see more.

The supporting voice work from Donovan and Avgeropoulos was well done and I hope we hear from them in future movies.

The story does a good job of balancing of the origin story and embeds it in this New 52 Universe and they build themselves a sequel with Veronica Cale (who by the words of creator Greg Rucka says she’s Diana’s Lex Luthor).

Additionally, there are some cool moments with Etta Candy.

What Is Bad About The Film?

A lot is going on in the story and while it’s great seeing Diana’s rogues but they’re all wasted in this film.

A lot of it was down to the writing as these character with Wonder Woman when they met but we’ve never seen them interact before.

Honestly, it should’ve been a one villain storyline of Diana in this new world becoming friends with Dr Barbara Ann Minerva before they became enemies as the character is only in the movie for less than five minutes, whilst also building to the Vanessa Kapatelis/Silver Swan.

Because I never heard of Dr Cyber before and now reading up about her, she could’ve been such an awesome villain to see the birth of as well as seeing Doctor Poison get some shine.

Bloodlines have a trilogy of storyline potential within this one film.

As The Blu-Ray Got Any Special Features?

As always there’s plenty of enjoyment to have including:

DC Showcase: Death (Animated Short) – Honestly a fantastic short film that DC should release on its YouTube channel and build a series of short films around as the animation and story were beautiful and fantastically voiced by Leonard Nam and Jamie Chung.

The Cheetah: Ferocious Archenemy (Featurette)
A Snack Peek At The Next DC Universe Movie, Superman: Red Son
Two Episodes of Batman: The Brave And The Bold


It’s great that Wonder Woman and Dawson are getting this showcase and there’s a lot to enjoy, but it’s too stuffed with too many storylines.

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